Arguments Against Divorce

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There comes a time in life when a person finds another whom they admire and feel as though they are meant for each other. Acting on their feelings for each other, a couple will find the need to marry and live happily ever after. It’s very rare that a couple will come to find that their instincts of one another are correct and they, indeed, are meant for each other. When it does not work out in a marriage, the best solution is to file for divorce. In 1857, a divorce law was created to allow the general public to file for a divorce. This was called the Matrimonial Causes Act. The more prominent opinion among civilization is that divorce is stupendous and crucial for those that feel the need to separate from their partner. However, not everyone agrees with this perspective. The opposing view is that divorce has its ripple effect and the amount of suffering from the children involved is beyond words. Divorce not only effects the two who vowed to get married but friends, family, and most of all, the children. It’s typical for children to be conceived after marriage and when a marriage does not work out, they experience the impact first hand. Each day, over 2,000 couples are divorced across the world. That is nearly 900,000 divorces occurring over a …show more content…
Marriage should not be made available to the young and immature. This only leads to an increase of separated families. Once policies and requirements are enforced, filing for a divorce will become a strenuous procedure. The more difficult it is to file for a divorce, the less likely couples will follow through with it. In special cases where it is critical that a couple separate when children are involved, counseling should be provided to the couple at no cost in order to work through the problems, if possible, rather than create more. In turn, this will create stable environments all around the country for

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