My Parent's Divorce Analysis

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The most significant event that has occurred in my life thus far has been my parent’s divorce. When I was fourteen, almost fifteen years old, my parent’s decided to end their thirteen years of marriage. At the time I had no idea on how to feel about it and wasn’t sure exactly why they had made this big decision, but as the years passed I slowly gathered the information and pieced it all together. In about November of 2010 my parents had separated, but remained under the same roof until late March of 2011. The reason they had made the decision to stop their marriage was because my father had many issues that he refused to fix. My mother told me that after my second sister was born he started helping my mother less with everything. She …show more content…
Sometimes I felt like it was somehow my fault and that I should have tried to help the situation. Other times I felt angry that they would do this to my sisters and I. I feel that I most likely felt this was because they’re both natural reactions to have after something big changes in life. Most children feel that divorce is their fault, but after a few months of readjusting to the new way my life was going to be I realized that my feelings were wrong. I learned that there were gaps in my knowledge about the whole thing and that it had nothing to do with me. The whole reason my mother left my father was because he had had many issues and refused to fix any of them. All of this could have been avoided if my father had just gotten the help he needed. Instead he basically threw a huge fit about him not having issues and got divorced as a result. In hindsight it was a good, if not great, idea for them to get a divorce. Their divorce was a good thing because nobody was really happy, and we weren’t really a family anymore. The bad things about it were that we grew up without a father, constantly watched my mom struggle, and heard fighting like there was no tomorrow . Some of the bad things still happen, like watching my mom struggle, and some new bad things have now come into play. No matter what bad comes into our lives we all sick together and try to make the best of what we have. One of the greatest things I’ve learned through all of this is that I’ll always have my mom and sisters with me, no matter what the

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