Cause and effect of Divorce on Children Divorce is a serious problem transmitted worldwide among the teenagers in United States and is not a good thing. The most important thing one needs to save marriage is trust and loyalty. Majority of couples decide to take a divorce due to many reasons such as, having an affair, disagree in taking decisions, less communication, change in behavior and stressfulness. Many children’s careers are affected by their parents’ decision of taking divorce. Some children react to their parents’ divorce according to their age. Young children do not react as they have no clue about the situation, and some teen children may react as they might think because of them they are taking divorce and feel guilty. They may …show more content…
Some families suffer emotionally, mentally and financially. Financially low income couples suffer more rather than middle class couples as they may fail to fulfill their children’s needs, which can affect the child. As a single-parent, one has to work full time and because of that they may not be able to pay attention and give time on their child and thus, a child becomes dull in school. Parents fight on events such as, holidays, sports, marriages and many more. Because of the fighting, child does not enjoy the happiest moment. As a result, the child might be emotionally and physically disturbed and so behavioral problems may occur and it might be difficult to tackle them. If they get involve in alcohol and drug use, because of the emotional stress they might think one of the parents does not love them anymore. Some couples do not marry again as they have fear of loss and distrust. Some prefer a second marriage and start a new beginning of their life, but it can be harmful for the child. Divorce may affect on long lasting effect on children and can be permanent. Many young women are found depressed and in an awful condition, which can be dangerous for the women to make decisions for long term suggestions of their lives. Women’s try to reestablish themselves and try to interact with the new people around, just to be happy and try to behave happy in front of their children, so that it does not affect their child’s

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