What Are The Effects Of Divorce On African American Families

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consciously. Finally, an adolescent’s ability to comprehend with the divorce of their parents interferes with the “growing up stage” in their life and the development of their identities. They feel betrayed, often resulting in rebellion. He or she may also become angrier and less communicative unlike a nine year old who would act sad and less confident. Because he or she may feel like their parents broke the parental commitment to their family, adolescents have been seen to justify their independent ways because of the divorce ( Psychologytoday surviving your child ). Examples of such behavior is when an adolescent says they are not going to consult them on his/her decision because their parents didn’t consult them on the decision of divorce. …show more content…
African Americans, according to the United States Census, are least likely to come from a married household. They also are three times more likely than a white child, to come from an out-of-wedlock birth (mademoire .com ). While white children will spend an average fourteen years in a two-parent household, black children will spend less than half of this, spending only six years ini a two-parent household. The marriage gap that exists within African American families has an effect on black children. This damages education and financial prospects because they are more likely than any ethnic group to raise them in a single-income household. They are mostly raised by their mothers with a single-parent income, lessening their financial and educational resources. African american children are affected psychically and mentally, leading to poor health, violence, crime, and lack of self-esteem (mademoire.com ) But the same exact thing can be said about children of different ethnicity. Each divorce has a different effect on children; none relatively the same and none excruciatingly different. The Amato and Keith experiment does show that African Americans are less affected than white children in parental separation (future of children . org ). However, more research on parental divorce needs to be conducted for different racial groups to show how culture impacts a child’s well being after a

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