Divorce's Tonll On Children Analysis

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For children who are five years and below, they may have problem sleeping; at that stage, the only language they understand is one united family- seeing Mummy and Daddy together is what makes them happy. Adolescents on their part easily become susceptible to live endangering lifestyles such as theft, sex, violence, alcohol, and drugs. Other adolescents may unnecessarily become stubborn and incorrigible. In addition to this, children from broken homes are likely to spend their lives in poverty. This is because of the possibility in income reduction that normally goes with the divorce.
To substantiate this claim, Karl Zinsmeister in his article “Divorce 's Toll on Children” explores the long and short-term effects of divorce on children. Zinsmeister
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She claims that, unfortunately, both parents are too engrossed in the divorce process and pay little or no attention to the fate of their children. In the end, the children suffer both psychologically and academically. Moses asserts that besides these short-term consequences, there are also long-term effects like substance addiction, tendency to consume alcohol excessively, and likelihood to experience divorces later in life. Meanwhile, according to Moses, the extent of the effect is dependent on age factor; she argues that infants, pre-school aged children, are more affected than school-aged children. She believes that potential divorce seekers should be educated about the causal effect of separation on their wards before they settle for one. Subsequently, Moses proposes practical measures by which children could be helped in the face of parental separation. Some of these measures include: informing the children about the divorce once a concrete conclusion for separation has been reached. Secondly, a cordial relationship with the new parents must be established in order to fill the vacuum which their divorced parents may have created. Thirdly, she suggests that the divorced parents must create time to visit the children

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