Essay On The Impact Of Divorce On Children

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The impact of divorce on children has emerged as a problem of concern. Divorce may be the most devastating situation that can happen to a child. Divorce poses as a different experience for every child; while some may find an easy adjustment, other children can be devastated. Separation is a common choice among parents, while for others a parent is trying to escape a hazardous familial situation. Society has begun to make accommodations to the needs of divorcing parents. Divorce is a common choice among parents who cannot agree and who will not seek help. This can hinder a child’s emotional development, as well as social development and the parent-child relationships.
A disturbance in emotional development creates problems in childhood, adolescence,
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The emotional impact of divorce ranges differently for children, especially those who are younger. While some younger children are more prone to feeling guilty, simply because they are …show more content…
Children who live with one parent and only see the other one a few times a year, has a chance of a hateful and distant relationship with that parent. Not seeing one parent for years may cause a child to not want the parent to be in their life in the future. Financial status has an effect on parent-child relationship because a child may want to live with a certain parent, but they might not be financially stable, therefore cannot afford to be the primary care parent for the child, the child may believe they do not want them. Some divorces put children in foster care or other parental parents such as grandparents or aunts/uncles. This impacts children the most because both of the parents are unfit to take care of the child, which causes the child more harm in the divorce. Children who grow up in foster care never had a real parent-child relationship which consequently affects them in the later years in their life with

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