Leadership Effectiveness Essay

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Just as there is no cookie cutter terminology or phraseology to describe leadership, neither is there a true scientific medium or metric to gauge leadership effectiveness. Generally, the selection of appropriate criteria to measure leadership effectiveness is dependent upon the objectives and values of the person executing the evaluation (Yukl, 2010, p. 11). Unfortunately, objectives and values often differ between the leader and the evaluator, thus, differing values and objectives often produce unreliable and differing results when measuring leadership effectiveness (Yukl, 2010). With no concrete theories or methodologies to measure leadership effectiveness, perhaps the best way to gauge effectiveness is to focus on the indicators of effective …show more content…
Regrettably, they are right as my decisions do involve procrastination; hence, my procrastination is the result of the fear of making the wrong decision that could create an enemy against me or a breakdown in our daily operations. Once again, by my own admission, fear has prevented me at times from making the right decision as opposed to doing things the right way (CCBS, n.d.). Fortunately, my co-workers were able to greatly relate to my assessments concerning our fast paced work environment, long hours, and fragmented work, as we are all in the same position; however, something that rather shocked me was that they considered me more proactive than reactive in my activities and confirmed that there appeared to be a contingency for everything. Regrettably overlooked when doing my own assessment, was my ability to block out time and plan …show more content…
In effect, by choosing to orally communicate, my words are magnified by the effect of voice emphasis, body language, and other non-verbal gestures (Yukl, 2010). According to my co-workers, they can hear and say what is inside my head through oral communication.
In summary, this evaluation allowed me to confirm varying strengths and weaknesses in my leadership and management processes while providing several unexpected surprises; thus, the assessment provided a solid foundation in which to improve both my leadership and management abilities and

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