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  • Essay On Emotional Dissonance

    I am a customer service supervisor at a large bank’s customer service center. Evidence of emotional dissonance presents itself daily. The bank has a set of core values that all employees are expected to portray. We have clear and emphasized display norms. Each of my bankers contacts averages between three and four minutes. Each call, no matter the length or reason, is expected to be used to enhance the customer relationship. This tight control over what can and cannot be displayed proves to be very frustrating at times for bankers. This article’s findings will prove to be very valuable to my work. From the article, as well as the text, I have learned the clear implications and effect of emotional dissonance. The research will prove to be extremely useful in the way I go about training and interacting with my team. There has always been an emphasis on reducing emotional dissonance even before I knew exactly what it was. To decrease this effect, an increased focus will now be…

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  • Exposure In Children

    child’s life where it affects them physically but also mentally. Cognitive abilities such as reasoning, memory, and problem solving constantly develop in a child’s childhood. Piaget was known for developing an interest in the mental stability of children. His point was that children are not less intelligent than adults, but that they simply think differently. As a child learns to adapt to existing schemas, their experiences and new information can either completely change or not affect them at…

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  • Social Media's Negative Effects On Family

    This is causing so many families enough pain and grief to the point of divorce. Divorce is an obvious sign of an unhealthy family. Divorce doesn’t just affect the parents, but children are dragged through the experience as well. Social media definitely has a negative affect on the family through this aspect. One of the positive affects that social media has on family is that it can create deeper connections. Any type of social media makes it incredibly convenient to stay involved: apply this…

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  • Comparison Of Cupid And Psyche's Dark Night

    Love is a motivation for people to fight, defend, and mature for. Lucius Apuleius' myth, Cupid and Psyche, tells the story of the strength and determination of the mortal needed to regain a lost love. Francesca Lia Block's modern retelling, Psyche's Dark Night, emphasizes the many issues that affect relationships and explores the pain that accompanies dating. The retelling offers a new look into love and whether or not it is worth all the pain that accompanies it. The updated setting and…

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  • Self-Concepts: A Case Study

    financially and intellectually. When I admit to her these feelings, she gives me positive feedback and encouraging words. 3. Once you recognize the power you have to shape another’s self-concept, ask yourselves what responsibility each of you has to treat the other person in a supportive manner when you are faced with delivering a potentially critical message. Since do we have an affect on one another and our feelings, we need to take into account our feelings and how we deliver the message.…

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  • Identity In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    began calling Margaret a different name because her friend suggested it. “ Well, that may be, but the name’s too long. I’d never bother myself. I’d call her Mary if I was you” (Angelou 76). This shows an insight to Mrs. Viola Cullinan’s identity, because it shows how she does what people say, and goes along with it, even though she might not agree. However, Margaret was furious, because her identity is important to her. Even though she had a low status in society, she wasn’t going to allow…

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  • Loss In Najmah's Life

    (AGG)Loss affects all of us in our lifetime some at an older age and some at a very, very young age. (BS-1)Najmah experiences the loss of both her father and brother when they are being taken by the Taliban, this has a massive negative affect on her. (BS-2) the loss of Najamh’s mother greatly affects her both physically and emotionally.(BS-3) Najmah runs into a serious stop in her journey she is faced with the decision to trust a stranger or leave, which could mean risking her life. (TS) In…

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  • Gottman And Levenson: Article Analysis

    recruitment of the subjects were of a widespread range of martial satisfaction and discussed topics relevant to them personally. The research did not include specific cultural background information on any of the 79 couples. The data from the video recordings of both laboratory settings were analyzed using an observational coding system and the Specific Affect Coding System (SPAFF; Gottman, 1996). For the purpose of reliability, Gottman and Levenson (1999) had a human observer double check the…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Us

    The topic of controversy for this essay is whether or not technology has a negative or positive affect on people. In order to help explain whether or not technology has a positive or negative affect on us there will be four articles that will be discussed within this essay. The first article is “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens by Ferris Jabr, “Get Smarter” by Jamais Cascio, and “Technology Doesn’t Dumb Us…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Women In The Military

    First, it can develop their personality characteristics. They can be mentally stronger and more independent in their lives, too. Another motivation for women to join the military is to be physically fit, high morally, and learning how to be a leadership at the seam time. They can display their skills and confirm that they have the ability to be equally skilled in warfare as men. This gives them the opportunity to fight for their country, which can improve their loyalty to their country, as well.…

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