Interview, My Friend, Jessica, And Her Self Concept

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The person I chose to interview is my close friend, Jessica, who I view as a sister even. We are very close with one another and we spend a lot of time together and support one another.

1. Interview your partner to discover how your words and deeds influence his or her self-concept. Identify specific incidents to illustrate these influences, and discuss which specific parts of the self-concept you have affected.

One way that I had an influence on her self-concepts is that I noticed her liking and passion towards the military and her passion for being a nurse. I kept complementing on her ability to work well with patients in the Psych ward during her clinical hours and that pursuing working with veterans might suite her well as she is passionate about the military and the people who serve our country. She has discussed this career field with her nurses and teachers and she has been brought the opportunity to volunteer at a VA (veterans) hospital. My positive comments towards her helped increase her self-esteem and helped encourage her to pursue a career that is best suited towards her interests. One issue that we do have in our friendship is that my friend can be at times stubborn which she admits to and even runs in the family, and that there are many incidents where when asked for help she doesn’t put much effort into lending a hand. There were times when I told her that she is self-centered at times and she has been told by other people that does not concern

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