African American studies

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  • African American Studies Essay

    The discipline of studies sometime takes courses because of how effective it has in the community and because history has allowed scholars to reconstruct the concept of Africana World Studies. According to John Clarke, he describes through Saunders Redding, theory on how history has played a major part in the academic perspective on Black Studies. A history first distorted when the Europeans first travel and kidnapped thousands of African for enslavement. The study was to revamp the studies for Black Studies and to focus on the long historical roots that many western societies used to justify the enslavement and colonial system to do. As students, we first are introducing to World History. A history that fully distortion to benefit their views…

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  • African American Family Case Study

    Case Analysis From a multicultural perspective, African Americans value family and religion. I believe this comes from the early African American family values from the “slavery days” because our ancestors had to endure and tolerate a lot of hard work, hardship, discrimination, and mistreatment. Because of this, they heavily relied on prayer and each other just to make it through each day. For most African American families, valuing family and religion still exists and many households, but…

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  • African American Teen Father: A Case Study

    This study will provide contribution to the field of psychology by gaining insight of the experience of being an African American teen father. This study will allow the African American teen fathers to share their interpretation of their experience as a father. Based on challenges experienced by adolescence during the adolescence stages identified by Erikson earlier work adding parenting to the equation could be a challenge. The field of psychology is a very unique science that explores the…

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  • The Importance Of African American Studies

    course of the years that African American Studies has been a separate functioning entity, there have been different ideological and political reasons for why African American studies are needed in institutions of higher education. Scholars such as Nathan Hare, John Henrik Clark, John W. Blassingame and Devere E. Pentony have given their own varied rationales as to why they believe African American Studies is a necessity within these institutions; if it is even one at all. Each of these men have…

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  • African American Firefighter Museum Case Study

    1. The African American museum is the only African American firefighter museum in the whole United States. The name of the museum challenged me to write about this unique site .I was wondering what the history of this archeological site is. Why specially the African Americans as firefighters. I decided to search more about the African American museum; so that I can briefly get an overview about the history of this place. The African American firefighter museum is located in Los Angeles County in…

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  • African American Asthma Case Study

    million adults and six million children in the United States had asthma. A disproportionally large number of these asthmatics were African-American. According to ALA calculations of data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), in 2004, African-Americans had an 11.5% higher prevalence of asthma than whites (American Lung Association 2007). While African-Americans represent only 12.1% of the population of the United States, they represent 25% of the asthmatic deaths. In 2007,…

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  • African American Studies: Mandatory Discipline

    African American Studies focuses on the analytical study of the thoughts & practices of African people in the current and historical context. It aims to analyze and correct the established order that was set by the Europeans in the United States and most importantly; the world. For many, African American Studies was the pillar for which other groups can base their struggles and gain rightful representation in society. The areas that are highlighted within the curriculum aim for a cultural…

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  • The African-American Community: A Case Study

    the stops” (Slagle 12). Out of the hundreds of millions of drivers on today’s American highways, law enforcement tend to search people that they find suspicious of criminal activity. The African-American community is stereotypically labelled as people suspicious of crime. Though African-Americans, Hispanics, and Whites all have a likelihood of getting pulled over by the police, African-Americans are commonly known to be the pursuit of police because of this particular stereotype. Consequently, a…

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  • African American Hypertension Case Studies

    cardiovascular system and the leading cause of death. African Americans. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), blacks have a higher rate of suffering from hypertension compared to their white counterpart. A research done by CDC has shown that about 43.0% of men and 45.7% women are hypertensive. Again, hypertension is not infectious but has been known as a “silent killer” disease (CDC). In this case, many Africans has been exposed to the disease without knowing it. This is…

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  • African American Interview Case Study

    Suppose you were an African American female applying to for a doctor job that you have been hoping to get for months. You have recently received your degree in biology and have all qualifications needed for the position. You get to the interview and notice that there are several other candidates there for the same position. There is one other female that 's caucasian , she is not as experienced as you though. There is also 3 other males, one is Ethiopian with a degree in biology, the second is…

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