Afghan refugees

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  • Afghan Refugees

    DISSERTATION BREAKING BARRIERS To highlight the living conditions of the Afghan community residing in the Capital city of India. INTRODUCTION India is considered as one of the primary hub centres, wherein thousands of refugees arrive every day in order to seek shelter. A refugee is an individual who resides outside his home country. It could be because of various reasons, particularly including the experiences of hardships and being wretched on the basis of ill-treatment. Especially, because of social stigmas such as race, religion, nationality or political and cultural beliefs. Delhi, being a prime cultural as well as a commercial centre is considered as one of the most attractive and safe ground for refugees to migrate. The character…

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  • Refugees Crisis

    or more refugees from the same nationality remain in exile for five years or more than that in a given asylum country, according to the Office of the United Nations, High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This paper will analyze by comparing and contrasting the data’s protracted refugees which have been collected from the website evaluation, book number and the nine periodicals to reinforce the idea why Afghan refugees should be granted with a Pakistani citizenship based on the reliability of…

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  • Health Literacy In Health Care

    Introduction (200 words) Community health care is a broad and every expanding topic which underpins many social, political and economic decisions. For community nurses to provide optimal care to their clients an understanding of the health care principles is essential to how they will be provided within the nursing and community setting. This essay will discuss how knowledge and understanding effects health literacy and the underlying health principles that are relevant to a large Afghanistan…

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  • Farah Ahmedi's The Other Side Of The Sky

    History of the Taliban The novel “The other Side of the Sky” is an incredible story of a young Afghan refugee named Farah Ahmedi, who faced a harrowing journey who had been forced to flee her home with her mother because of the dangers they faced with the Taliban. During the novel Farah’s childhood was described as quick while she experienced many traumatic events at a young age. Consequently, once she grew older her entire perspective of the world had shifted. She had become more aware of her…

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  • Causes Of Climate Change Refugees

    In the next four decades, developed nations can expect a flood of climate change refugees. A large array of actors including politicians, government agencies, journalists and activists will respond to news about migration and immigration in a number of ways, through religious, ideological and emotional lenses. What will determine refugee assimilation processes and treatment in foreign lands depends on a number and quality of frames harnessed by agencies and media groups involving climate change…

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  • Syrian Refugees Definition

    REFUGEES: ACCESSING SERVICES Definition of Refugees and accessing services What is a refugee? According to the World Relief (2015) a refugee is someone who has fled their home country and cannot return home do to a fear of prosecution based on countless factors. There are numerous refugees that enter the United States and remarkedly some of them will not be able to access all of the services they need to survive. For some of the people that live here illegally they are afraid to find help for…

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  • Development And Protection Challenges Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    opposition of accepting refugees is the evidence that host countries are suffering from the bombardment of the refugees and as a result, their livelihood has taken a toll. In the article “Development and Protection Challenges of the Syrian Refugee Crisis,” Zetter, Roger, and Ruaudel focus primarily on the negative effects the Syrian refugee crisis has had on the neighboring countries to Syria. Jordan and Lebanon already are filled with Iraqi and Palestinian refugees, and with thousands of Syrian…

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  • Refugees And Asylum Seekers: The Current Global Migration Crisis

    After World War II there was concern over the international responsibility to respond to an event like the Holocaust and the refugee crisis it produced (Healey, 2004). The 1951 United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (later called the Refugee Convention) was grounded in Article 14 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of human rights which recognizes “the right of persons to seek asylum from persecution in other countries,” (United Nations, 1951, p. 2). The Convention led to the…

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  • What Is The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Topic and Main Question: My topic for this paper will be the Syrian refugee crisis. My main question is what is the most effective and reasonable way we can aid this crisis and help the refugees, without serious consequences? Summarize: In “Regulating Human Rights: International Organizations, Flexible Standards, and International Refugee Law” Jill Goldenziel discuss possible solutions in further improving how refugees are currently handled. Currently there are international laws and treaties…

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  • Refugee One

    Refugees have existed ever since there has been conflict in the world; both World Wars, displacement of Jews and Palestinians, the India and Pakistan border conflict, and even the aftermath of Japanese imperialism. Although refugees have been a huge issue throughout history, the recent crisis has brought over one million refugees into Europe in just 2015. Today, more than 65 million people are forced out of their home country as a result of persecution, violence or natural disasters. The…

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