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  • Persimmon Tree Quotes

    become refugees. (BS-1) Many refugees around the world are starving as they struggle to reach safety, and Suzanne FIsher Staples takes this fact and incorporates it into her book, Under the Persimmon Tree, to create conflicts. (BS-2) She also uses the returning journeys of refugees throughout the second half of her book. (BS-3) She then takes these journeys, and the emotions felt by those close to the refugees, to create conflict. (TS) Staples uses the real life problems and scenarios of…

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  • The Persimmon Tree

    for these people, refugees are not always safe in these camps." (Kachedoorian). Being in a refugee camps means that you are in danger of many different things. Another quote to show this, "Anything inside these camps can happen, including violence." (Ward). The possibilities are limitless to the violence that could happen in these…

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  • Fear Of Being A Refugee Essay

    How would it feel knowing that children wake up every morning with their feet in pain and blisters covering their skin. Knowing they have just walked 500 miles and need to walk 500 more just to get safe, this is the daily life of refugee child. Refugees are a problem in Under the Persimmon Tree, by Suzanne Fisher Staples, and in real life. Real life situations have influenced the book in many ways. With Staples being a journalist herself she witnessed some of the acts of being a refugee.…

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  • Luttwak Pros And Cons For Refugees

    individuals have been termed “refugees.” More specifically, as defined by the 1951 Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, a refugee is a person who “is outside of the country of his nationality, and is unable to, or [because of] fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country” (Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees). In response to refugee crises, relief organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)…

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  • The Soviet-Afghan War

    The United States and the Soviet-Afghan War In December of 1970 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan with a force of 30,000 troops in order to assist the communist government and setup a client state (“Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan”). This invasion marked the start of the Soviet-Afghan war, a long drawn out war due to the United States funding the Afghan freedom fighters who fought against the invading Soviet Union only to make the war longer and more expensive for them. The war would…

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  • Homeward Bound: Refugee Refuge

    Summary 1: Homeward bound; it’s no good just shifting Afghans from one refugee camp to another The Afghans won the Soviet War, which lasted from 1979-1989, but over 9 million people have lost their homes and resettlement in the country is tough. Millions of Afghan refugees have either fled to Pakistan or Iran, and 3 million refugees have moved to the cities or the mountains in Afghanistan, hoping to find safety there. Most people wanted to go back to their homes after the war, but not everyone…

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  • The Importance Of Human Rights In Iran

    authority exile thousands of Afghans arbitrarily, without granting the opportunity to prove their right to live in Iran (“Afghan”). Even as conditions in Afghanistan are crumbling, Iranian officials limit the amount of Afghans that can claim refuge in Iran (“Afghan”). This approach presents a crucial risk to the rights and safety of over one million Afghan refugees living in Iran (“Afghan”). Also, these actions violate Iran’s agreement under the 1951 Refugee Convention (“Afghan”). For the last…

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  • Environmental Effects On American Refugees

    With age come many challenges, especially for refugees. Combined with the pressure to assimilate to a new culture, the trials of old age put the mental health of refugees at serious risk. At time when more than 59 million people are displaced worldwideㅡthe highest on record according to UN reportsㅡless than half of those individuals have received refugee status. Based on data from the United Nations refugee agency, around 3 percent of the refugees coming to the U.S. are 60 years old or older.…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Humanization In The Kite Runner

    think of the troubles that the Afghans themselves have faced. With his novel The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini not only provides an educational and eye-opening account of a country 's political chaos, but he also creates sympathy…

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  • The Herat Uprising: The Iranian Islamic Ideological Revolution

    disputed any such claim. While the Afghan government said that Iran sent thousands of soldiers in disguise to make trouble across the border in Afghanistan, Iran denied any such involvement. Saying that it was “false from top to bottom” that Iran sent soldiers to accompany returning Afghan refugees, Iran attempted to uphold its integrity and stay out of publically disrupting the internal affairs of its neighboring countries. However, in contradictory fashion, the refugees themselves argued…

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