Afghan Refugees

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To highlight the living conditions of the Afghan community residing in the Capital city of India.

India is considered as one of the primary hub centres, wherein thousands of refugees arrive every day in order to seek shelter.

A refugee is an individual who resides outside his home country. It could be because of various reasons, particularly including the experiences of hardships and being wretched on the basis of ill-treatment. Especially, because of social stigmas such as race, religion, nationality or political and cultural beliefs.
Delhi, being a prime cultural as well as a commercial centre is considered as one of the most attractive and safe ground for refugees to migrate. The character
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Women often face challenges in moving out of their houses. They are not allowed to attend schools to pursue education or do not play a significant role in decision- making structures. There is lack of social and developmental support.

Hence, the purpose of this study involves:-
1.) To understand the basic purpose of Afghan refugees for migrating to other countries, India in particular.

2.) To understand the living conditions of Afghan community residing in Delhi.

3.) To understand if they are able to meet their basic needs while living here.

4.) To understand the everyday challenges faced by them while residing in India.

5.) Their safety and security concerns.

6.) Government initiatives and intervention methods for their rehabilitation.

A research is conducted to extract all the necessary information related to a particular subject. This project will be composed of both Primary as Secondary tools of research focusing on quantitative as well as qualitative aspects. The purpose of research determines whether the survey procedure should be structured or unstructured.
The project will be based on the following research
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• Interviews are time consuming.
• The nature and extent of responses depends upon interviewees mood.
• There could be variability in responses with different interviewers, particularly when an interview is unstructured.
• The interviewer may record the responses differently, depending upon his own interpretation sometimes.
• It is less effective for sensitive questions.

Observation is a method that employs vision as its main means of data collection. It implies the use of eyes rather than of ears and voice. It is accurate watching and noting of phenomena as they occur with regard to the cause and effect or mutual relations. For example: watching bonded labourer’s life provides graphic description of their social life and sufferings. It basically involves constrains to improve accuracy.

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