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  • Afl Cio Observation

    arbara Percival In Preparation of an AFL-CIO Exhibit This past semester, I conducted my field study within the setting of an academic library working with the university archivists at the Hornbake Library at the University of Maryland (UMD). Due to unforeseen circumstances, my field study had to be cobbled together rather quickly and therefore consists of a patchwork. For example, there have been two projects in my field study with two different supervisors in two different departments. Together these projects were generally in the vein of records management and description. However, time has not been split evenly between them. My main field study project was working with Benjamin Scott Blake, the head labor archivist, on the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) records. The AFL-CIO is the largest federation of unions in the United States. It represents fifty-six unions, both American and international, working together as a national trades union center. Together the unions represent more than 12 million active and retired workers. The AFL–CIO engages in substantial political activism. The 55,000 volume AFL-CIO collection was bequeathed to the University of Maryland in 2014. Records include manuscripts, pamphlets, correspondence, and photographs, as well as artifacts…

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  • Knights Of Labor Essay

    The American Federation of Labor (AFL) has reigned as the primary labor federation to which the overwhelming majority of labor unions in the United States have historically belonged to, but this has not been without frequent contestation. Compare and contrast the AFL and 3 different competing labor organizations that we have discussed in class, including a discussion on leadership, policies, and organizing strategies (such as business unionism vs. social unionism). Use specific examples and cite…

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  • Labor Unions In Hospitals

    workforce while providing an affordable and high quality care to all their patients. Labor Unions contend that in order workforce with criteria mentioned, a safe work environment, job security (higher incomes) and affordable healthcare (Reynolds & Brady, 2012) are needed. They contend those are reasons to have a bargaining unit to represent all employees in an enterprise. This paper discusses the membership of healthcare professionals and other employees in labor unions and roles of…

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  • Free Trade Definition

    of millions of Americans. Many workers unions, such as the AFL-CIO, oppose and protest free trade for the U.S. with the notion that it leads to discrimination in the workplace and displaces American jobs, rather than creates them. However, free trade programs such as NAFTA should…

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  • Labor Union Shop History

    work where the employers agree to hire nonunion workers, but they must join a labor union in a certain span of time. The right to works law, is a law in some states in the United States that are against employers and labor unions. It forbids union security agreements. This law also assures that if a person is employed, they are not forced to join/not join, or pay dues to a labor union. Right now, there are 25 states that have passed the Right to Work law. I believe that the right to works law…

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  • The Importance Of Job Security

    score or an organizations index, creating a unique index for each country. Unions influence job security greatly. Unions are defined as legally recognized representatives that bargain on policies that affect the workers of an organization. These policies extend too many facets of a company such as wages, work hours and benefits. They also represent their members whenever one of them believes their rights are being infringed upon. There are two major unions that function as umbrella…

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  • Alabama Coal Strikes

    Two of its worst qualities were its racism and sexism. While there were small groups of women and African Americans that were a part of the AFL, both groups were discriminated. The African Americans were barred from employment and union membership and for women, the AFL’s policies were equal treatment that of the African Americans. While they did seem to favor women unions, the AFL was still apathetic to the whole ordeal of females in unions. Because of AFL’s segregation, their concentrations of…

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  • Ethics In Labor Unions

    get any more concessions from employers, the Knights of Labor disbanded in 1886 and were replaced later that year with The American Federation of Labor known as AFL. AFL provided an exclusive membership for crafters such as carpenters, cigar makers, steel and iron workers. The dues were high, but only skilled craftsmen were permitted into the union. With the influx of immigrants and new technologies, many companies cut wages, this forced the AFL member to strike. The government supported…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Labor Unions

    During the 1880s, large-scale unions led by the Knights of Labor fought for a new wage system that granted workers greater freedom to choose who they worked for, their own hours and working conditions. From the 1880s to the 1920s, the American Federation of Labor, or AFL, and the International Workers of the World, or IWW, led series of organizational campaigns and strikes against big businesses. These strikes often resulted in violence from police and private security companies such as the…

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  • Norma Rae Case Study

    union in a business, an organization campaign must be started in order create interest and cultivate new members (AFL-CIO, 2015). In the film this campaign is started by Reuben, a union representative from New York who arrives in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina to set up a union in the local textile mill. He sets up a campaign headquarters in the local hotel and begins passing out pamphlets during the morning rush and daily shift changes in order to gain interest and recruit members to help him…

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