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  • Life Expectancy Calculator Essay

    My son just turned 11 years old and will be going into middle school this fall. My baby girl will be nine in a few weeks, she is autistic however, and it does not define her. Both are very active, EJ will be in the band at school, also a Boy Scout. Abby, a gymnast for the Special Olympics as well as plays baseball for the Miracle League. Along with them, I also have an older daughter she is 21; married and has a little girl my first granddaughter who keeps me on my toes. My husband and I are now at a point where we are taking care of his father. Just this week we found out he has stage four pancreatic cancer, he is sixty-seven years old. Until the past four months, very independent; in fact, he still worked as an Aflac Insurance agent. With all that has taken place recently, honestly it has made me think about some things. With being an addict for so many years; my life did not start really until thirteen years ago, well this phase of my life. Once becoming sober life had a new meaning. It was like being born all over again, everything became new and fresh. That is why I am in school; my passion is to help those who are in addiction, hopefully to be an example for…

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  • The Importance Of AFLAC Advertising

    AFLAC Recently, I was asked to write a paper on AFLAC and talk about the following questions. How some viewers don’t like the AFLAC ads and can an ad still accomplish its intended purposes if people find it annoying? The AFLAC campaign is more than four years old. In your opinion, will the campaign stay effective for the foreseeable future? And finally, what makes AFLAC ads so effective? Is it something more than their entertainment value? If so, what else contributes to their success? While…

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  • Case Study Aflac

    Introduction This case brings an interesting discussion to the faucet of Corporate Compensation. Aflac is one of America Fortune 500 insurance companies. Aflac was built by three brothers, John, Paul, and Bill Amos. Since the establishing of the company, Aflac has well over 4,000 employees, 70,000 licensed independent agents combine between the United States (U.S) and Japan (Reed, 2009). These three understood quite well the compensation linking relationship between performance and rewards are…

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  • Aflac Mission Statement Analysis

    Aflac Started as a family owned business sixty-one years ago in Columbus, GA, Aflac is the leader in supplemental insurance companies in the United States today (, 2016). To add to this acclaim, the company has also been listed on FORTUNE magazine’s top 100 Best Places to Work list for the last eighteen years, which is the longest run of any company in the insurance industry. Making the list at number 50 in 2016, there are numerous reasons why Aflac continues to earn this title,…

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  • Aflac Employees: A Case Study

    The factors that lead to the fulfillment of the employee by the companies was the fact that they were employee focused. Casey Graves, vice president of human resources at Aflac, stated “that the needs of the company’s employees continue to be the driving factor behind Aflac’s total rewards programs” (Reed, 2009, para. 12). This was broken down into a requirements valuation and is unceasingly appraised through results (Reed, 2009). Bean, the creator of L.L. Bean, was a big supporter of…

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  • Aflac Case Study L. L Bean

    1.The internal strengths and weaknesses your team identified and how t company responded to these factors from a total rewards perspective. Aflac was struggling with retention and responded through increased communication of the value of employment with the company. The company put in place HR programs with clearly defined, measurable outcomes and assessed employee opinions through comprehensive surveys. L.L.Bean was struggling with the changing industrial landscape in several areas,…

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  • Case Study Of L. L Bean And Aflac Insurance

    case study is based on two companies that are L.L. Bean and Aflac Insurance. The case study is related to the use of total rewards by companies in order to support the organization’s missions and values, which achieve strategic outcomes. The base company is Aflac to understand and get the idea about the compensation and benefit structures, which achieve organizational outcomes. Discussion Company uses its own products or services to enhance the total compensation for its employees Aflac offers…

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  • Case Study: Flexible Work Schedules

    The following is a summary of a case study for the Aflac company on flexible work schedules and perceived fairness. The Aflac company was founded in 1955, and since then has become a Fortune 500 company that offers many insurance options to people throughout the world (Giglio, 2011). Aflac has many employees who can benefit from flexible work schedules, and Aflac now offers varying shifts and alternate schedules to employees. Shifts are offered at the traditional 8am to 5pm, a morning shift from…

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  • Perk Employee Benefits

    The type of benefits provided by an employer can help candidates decide what company they would like to work for and if they want to stay working for a particular company. MetLife found that “59% reported the benefits as a significant reason to stay with their company” (2013). A similar survey complete by Aflac showed that “16% of employees have left a job or turned down a job in the last 12 months due to the benefits offered” (2016). Also, that types of benefits provided could improve the…

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  • Combined Insurance Case

    Combined is a mature company that operates with the same methodology of 100 years ago. The company promotes its “culture” as a casual/relax environment where its people works with a positive mind that in my personal opinion is not the reality. The leadership of the company, or for purposes of this case study, I will refer to only the service department, is poor. The company’s bigger competitor is AFLAC Incorporated, which directs its services to the same community and offers the same type of…

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