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  • Nursing: Collective Bargaining In Nursing

    Collective Bargaining in Current Nursing As professional healthcare workers, nurses are accountable for providing care to a diverse culture of patients that come in with an array of medical problems. That care is essentially guided by the trust and rapport with the patients. Nurses are also entrusted to be patient advocates, however, who advocates for the nurse? Simply, the nurses themselves are able to do so through collective bargaining. In the earlier decades, nurses didn’t have much power…

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  • Blacklivesmatter Movement: Social Media Analysis

    Do lives need to be lost before people fought for civil rights? 1,134 African Americans have died at the hands of law enforcement officers in 2015 ( Swaine, Laughland, Lartey, and McCarthy). A Movement #BlackLivesMatter was created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin 's murderer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted of his crime. Trayvon Martin wasn’t the only African American who was murdered and had his death erupt with riot and protest. Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Sandra Bland are others whose deaths…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Assassination

    schedules and anything he could find to get the perfect situation. Then, he found it. On March 31, 1981, the day of the attempt, President Reagan was in the “Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. addressing the Building and Construction Workers Union of the AFL-CIO” (President Reagan Shot). Then the moment that John Hinckley has been plotting for several months, going back-and-forth on what he should do, has finally come. “Hinckley was armed with a .22 revolver with exploding bullets and was only ten…

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  • Abolish Electoral College

    Many have concluded that the Electoral College should be taken away completely or just in some states. There have been cases where Electoral College has actually been bad for us, but there has also been equal amount of times were it worked in are favor. There have been a few cases where they try to abolish the Electoral College and even just remove it state wide. For example, in 2004 Colorado almost passed a bill that uses popular vote instead of the electoral votes. Another, case was in 2000…

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  • Martin Luther King's March On Washington

    many different civil rights groups, labor unions, and religious organizations, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the American Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO), and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).The march was one of the largest demonstrations for human rights in US history, and a spectacular example of the power of nonviolent direct action. It began at the Washington monument…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of President Hillary Clinton

    After her time as the first lady, Hillary Clinton secured a seat in the senate, and then served as the secretary of state in the white house under Obama. (4) She was also a lawyer who worked on the Watergate scandal. (5) On the 12th of April 2015, she officially announced her candidacy for president.(1) In her campaign video she said, “Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.” (18) Clinton is the top choice for the Democratic Party to keep the white house. She appeals…

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  • Labor Unions During The 1920's

    Union jobs were once the backbone of our workforce. Many different trades offered employees the opportunity to join unions, ensuring that these employees received the highest wages, the best benefits and safe working conditions. With more and more jobs being outsources overseas and the Baby Boomer generation retiring, the amount of people joining the unions has decreased. In order for unions to survive, they are going to have to change the way today’s generation sees them, to bring new life back…

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  • Economic Interest And Interest Groups

    Business, the Confederation of British Industry, and the Nestlé Corporation, headquartered in Switzerland and with operations throughout the world), labour groups (e.g., IG Metall in Germany, the Trades Union Congress in the United Kingdom, and the AFL–CIO in the United States), farm groups (e.g., the Irish Farmers' Association in the republic of Ireland and the American Farm Bureau Federation), and professional groups (e.g., the American Bar Association and the Czech Chamber of…

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  • What Was The Effect Of The New Industrial Revolution On American Labor?

    Powderly William Graham Sumner John P. Altgeld Samuel Gompers What was the impact of the transcontinental rail system on the American economy and society in the late nineteenth century? 2) How did the huge industrial trusts develop in industries such as steel and oil, and what was their effect on the economy? 3) What was the effect of the new industrial revolution on American laborers, and how did various labor organizations attempt to respond to the new conditions? 4) The…

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