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  • Analysis Of Alan Greenblatt's Article Youth Unemployment

    unemployment keeps rising, the harder it will be to reconstruct the economy and start our lives into adults. Youth unemployment is keeping our growth on a personal level and on a national level hampered. Tahir Duckett, National Young-Worker Coordinator, AFL-CIO states, “We’re facing a really dire sort of future in 10 years. That 's what we’re going to continue to see, folks paying for more and more school, incurring more and more debt to fight it out for fewer and fewer jobs” (qtd. in Greenblatt…

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  • Social And Economic Sides Of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (FTA)

    In order to analyze social and economic sides of Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, it is important to review details on this new free trade agreement (FTA). First of all, according Encyclopædia Britannica, free trade is “a policy by which a government does not discriminate against imports or interfere with exports by applying tariffs (to imports) or subsidies (to exports)” (“Free Trade” 1). The idea of free trade first appeared in 1776, when Adam Smith, an economist, claimed the benefit of…

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  • Functionalist Theories Of Walmart

    By 1990 Walmart was the nation’s number one retailer. At that time, it also went international. Walmart is the largest employer in the United States employing 2.1 million full-time employees. They are the largest employer in 25 states. Walmart is known for having the lowest competitive prices on merchandise. Local and small businesses cannot compete with Walmart’s low prices because they hold the power over other businesses in the economy. Walmart is able to sell merchandise at low prices…

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  • Low Wage Jobs

    Rise Up Who would be affected if minimum wage was raised? Who would be affected if more companies offered benefits to their employees? It is a common misconception that only young workers new to the work force would benefit from this raise, the harsh reality is that the average low wage worker is 35 years old and is often the bread-winner and sole provider for their household, this is according to an article published on EPI (Dan Essrow).These low wage jobs are affecting the United States…

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  • 2008 Supreme Court Case Study

    A second academic study from the New York University Journal Of Legislation & Public Policy discusses a 2008 Supreme Court case, Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, which dealt with photo I.D. laws in Indiana. This Supreme Court had a majority of conservative members, who had been appointed by Republican Presidents, and ruled to uphold a strict photo identification law. Since the decision, fourteen additional states decided to enact a photo identification requirement. Moreover, the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Privatization Of Water

    It’s no secret that water is essential for life. From humans to animals, we all need water in order to survive. Water should be universally considered and accepted as a human right, just like air. Through Resolution 64/292 the United Nations officially declared water as a human right in 2010 (UN). As stated by the researchers of, a huge problem we’re facing in this day and age is “privatization of water for corporate interest rather than human rights” (Johnson). When water rights are given to…

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  • Labor Unions In Mexico

    Mexican Labor Unions: A framework Research on the labor movement in Mexico had shown the political power held by unions, greatly as a result of to the historic alliance among unions and the Mexican State through the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) (Middlebrook 1995). At least until new Millennium, when the opposite party –PAN- (National Action Party) won the national election. On one side, official trade unions had an important influence in overall wages and benefit levels through…

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  • Gender Pay Gap Research Paper

    The historic gender wage gap has existed for numerous years and continued to alter the lives of people from all walks of life. The gender wage gap is influenced by discrimination, but other factors also contribute to the gap. All ages are susceptible to exposure to the wage gap. A grandmother, father, and teenage son could all be experiencing the gap in various ways at the same time. Although the gap can be experienced at any age, the gap increases with age (2). Job choice is a contributing…

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  • Cause Of Poverty In America

    providing for a family. However, when a single mother is working three part time jobs to provide for her family but still is behind on rent, there is obviously a problem. There is also an extreme wage gap between minimum wage workers and CEOs. “As the AFL-CIO notes, if a minimum-wage worker's pay has grown as fast in the past five years as pay of CEOs of American corporations, it would now be $49,000-$23 an hour." (Roleff,87). In summary, a person cannot get out of poverty with an unrealistic…

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  • The Ethical Violation Of Unions

    Unions exist in almost every industry from manufacturing and construction to banking and government. Their objective is to represent workers by acting as a bridge between management and employees. Among other important issues, unions facilitate negotiations for increased wages, benefits, and improved working conditions. While a union’s historical purpose is to offer redress for employer violations of employees’ civil liberties and moral rights the tactics that unions have taken in doing so also…

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