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  • Archives Chapter 2 Summary

    Reading the chapters for three books, Modern Archives Read, Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives, and Providing referees services for Archives and Manuscripts talked about the same things in a different book. Before I summarized the chapter from the three books. I’d First would like to tell you the definition of the words archives. Pugh states that the word Archives mean the record of organizations in which was created or accumulated in the course of daily activities, and save by the “organizations” because they are useful (p. 13). The first book I read that talks about introduction to archives called Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives by Gregory S Hunter. In chapter one, called Introduction to Archives and Manuscripts…

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  • Zulus Alphabetical Structure

    In Percival Everett 's Zulus, a clear alphabetical order makes up the format of the book, seen through each lettered chapter. This order is similar to that of an archival structure. Murfin and Ray 's Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms archives its information in a similar abecedarian format. Similar to Zulus, The Bedford also applies a clear alphabetical structure. However, unlike Zulus, it is impossible to read The Bedford as though it were an actual story. Page one starts off with…

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  • Worcester Art Museum Case Study

    recorded number of visitors is always less than the actual number of visitors. This situation is caused by lack of faculty. Since the Worcester Art Museum is a non-profit organization, they don’t have sufficient funding to hire enough people. There are insufficient employees and volunteers, so each employee takes charge of much workload. For instance, only one person supervises the library most of the time. If a visitor comes in and wishes to borrow a book, the employee must go and grab it. At…

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  • Afl Cio Observation

    One of the main goals is to improve staff excellence. Since 2008 faculty have been increasingly recognized for their excellence. Additional staff also had to be hired. For example, one recent hire in the iSchool has been Richard Marciano, a former staff member of one of the top Information and Library Science School programs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Another recent hire has been Benjamin Scott Blake, who is a real boon to the libraries labor collections. He holds a BA…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Chapter Three Selection And Appraisal

    In chapter three Selection and Appraisal in Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives says “selection and appraisal are that the heart of archival work.” The word appraisal is the process of determine the value of a work or a piece that is disposition of record that is based upon five values. The five values are operating, administrative, legal, and fiscal values, their evidential and informational value, their arrangement and physical condition, their inherent value, and their relationship…

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  • Julie Mehrtiu, Stadia I, By Julie Mehretu

    Julie Mehretu was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1970. She was schooled in Kalamazoo, where she received her bachelor degree in Art, and continued on to receive her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Art and Design in 1997 (Artnet). She lives and works in Harlem New York with her artist and partner (Plagens). Mehretu works on drawings influenced by architectural plans and aerial maps. She adds many layers to increase complexity. She relates the layering to herself as parts of who she is. She…

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  • Bias In The Freedom Riders

    The Freedom Riders is one example where the truth was either hidden or revealed through the news. Bias where strong in the south where people were segregated meaning that African Americans were usually passed off as troublemakers compared to others who saw the acts of segregation an act of cruelty. The trick to get pass bias is to interpreting the document to discover what is fact and what is fiction. It would deem best for one to gather multiple primary source documents such as first hand…

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  • Thuggee Archive Analysis

    is how far the Thuggee archive is entirely an orientalist product full of inaccurate reflections of Indian crime especially Thuggee. Notably, the “authentic archive” was created by Sleeman himself indicating accounts on thugs were influenced by preconceived notions of Indian men. Consisting of oriental biases, the archive was perhaps a product of ‘deep-seated European inclination’ to civilise India. Depicted as heathens, Thuggee’s were illustrated as a grave threat to both colonial and native…

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  • ICA Archives Policy

    Immaculate Conception Academy ARCHIVES ARCHIVES POLICY 1 Nature and components of the archives policy 1.1 Authority of document This policy establishes the framework within which the ICA Archives’ functions, all practices and procedures must be in accordance with its provisions. This document has been produced by the Archivist, who will be responsible for the periodic revision and amendment of the policy. This policy is applicable to all employees– whether permanent, probationary, or…

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  • Feeling Narrative In The Archive Summary

    Feeling Narrative In The Archive : The Question Of Serendipity Objective Based on my evaluation of this article research, basically it is about what is happening inside the archival institution which is for an example the story in term of question of what will happen next in other words in the future. Considering a chance with narrative in the archives. Technically it is about stories as becoming which i was focusing in this article on Whitehead, whose philosophy of organism has offered insights…

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