Archives Chapter 2 Summary

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Reading the chapters for three books, Modern Archives Read, Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives, and Providing referees services for Archives and Manuscripts talked about the same things in a different book. Before I summarized the chapter from the three books. I’d First would like to tell you the definition of the words archives. Pugh states that the word Archives mean the record of organizations in which was created or accumulated in the course of daily activities, and save by the “organizations” because they are useful (p. 13).
The first book I read that talks about introduction to archives called Developing and Maintaining Practical Archives by Gregory S Hunter. In chapter one, called Introduction to Archives and Manuscripts
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In chapter 2 called Reference Services in Archives broke down the definition of archives in five examples of archives. The five examples are documents, records, archives, historical records, historical manuscripts. With these example can be found in institution that are called archives libraries, record center, historical libraries and etc. Documents can be textual, graphic, photographic, and even audio and video. The important documents are to demonstrates by the way of people that seek to invent or to improve reading technology. Records are consider reports, order, request, plan, and also permit. All record are utilitarian by created the course of practical activities. All record are known as working files of working folks. It also has the individuals and the organizations create, receive and also keep the records. Personal Records, are consist of a working document such as birth certificates, Social Security card, tax records, deeds, and etc. People have also created records when they use recording technologies to create documents. The manuscripts repositories are also collecting repositories that the collection such as a personal papers. It also a collection of organization that do not maintain their own archives know as historical manuscripts. Organizational records are files that are collected and maintained where the information is needed in the course of the daily business. For example, Colleges and Universities like Lincoln University uses this method for a filing system for the individuals and documents that are created and retained in the office or in this case in Inman E. Page

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