Legal Case Study: Towson University

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Case Study 1
AIT 652
Sache Bond

Executive summary:

Towson University is responsible for complying with both Federal and Maryland state laws. It is essential that all employees are aware that the proper procedures must be followed to ensure that the legal action remains unrevised once the legal hold notice is issued. The legal holds notice will inform all necessary employees of their new profound obligation as an employee. The notice refers you to the policy written on the legal hold notices. The guidance of the legal holds notice supersedes all other retention policy guidelines (Records).
Towson University’s record request process has been set and that still applies to all employees. Guidance will be provided to each individual along
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If litigation is started or anticipated, the university is responsible for issuing a Litigation Hold Notice, that will require retention of records during the time of the pending litigation. Therefore, if litigation, claims, audits or complaints are started before the retention period ends, then all related records must be retained until final action is taken. All members of the university staff are responsible for abiding with the compliance of the Litigation Hold Notice when one is issued. The Litigation Hold Notice will be issued by the Office of General Counsel once notification that the records need to be preserved.
In order to obtain records from Towson University, a written public records request must be submitted in accordance with Maryland’s Public Information Act.

Purpose: To define the process for preservation of evidence in regards to records requiring a litigation hold, in compliance with all federal and state laws, and the procedure needed to implement a litigation hold when a litigation is in progress or anticipated.
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In compliance with federal law, Towson University must preserve all electronic data relevant to this litigation. There is action needed by you to fulfill Towson’s legal obligation:
Once this notice is issued, any electronic data that is or may potentially be related to this litigation may not be modified, altered, or deleted until further notice. The individual department in which the subsequent information is stored, will suspend its retention and disposal of records policy for an infinite amount of time. This includes, recycling policies, automatic deletion functions, and the University of Maryland Records Schedule procedures. The university archives in Cook Library maintains a small variety of university records that pertains to the university’s publicity. Employees are responsible for maintaining the information that may reside on various storage platforms utilized at the university, to include emails, databases, text files, pdf files, computer usage logs, and other

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