Refugees Crisis

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Refugee crisis is a severe setback in the current era. But protracted refugee crisis raises the question why people shift from refugee to protracted refugee status. One acquires this status when 25,000 or more refugees from the same nationality remain in exile for five years or more than that in a given asylum country, according to the Office of the United Nations, High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This paper will analyze by comparing and contrasting the data’s protracted refugees which have been collected from the website evaluation, book number and the nine periodicals to reinforce the idea why Afghan refugees should be granted with a Pakistani citizenship based on the reliability of each source, and if this information are enough to compare and contrast the articles. The reason behind this topic is since Pakistan has decided to send back its Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. Given that it is a country which has been torn apart due to war, sending back these refugees to a country where they ran away from to save their life and for a better future is a violation of human rights. …show more content…
Khattak (2013) stated that when a country is in distress, the roles of the host state become combative; it becomes the cause of security but the insecurity in the lives of refugees. These types of circumstances always are being influenced by the self-interest of the host country rather than humanitarian distresses in international politics. But the people who end up suffering are the refugees in that country. Such as Afghan refugee’s humanitarian aid has been used to continue endless wars and violence in Afghanistan, but it never helped the Afghan citizens instead made them refugees, and now they are enduring disparity of Afghanistan and Pakistan by risking their own life being protracted

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