Farah Ahmedi's The Other Side Of The Sky

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History of the Taliban
The novel “The other Side of the Sky” is an incredible story of a young Afghan refugee named Farah Ahmedi, who faced a harrowing journey who had been forced to flee her home with her mother because of the dangers they faced with the Taliban. During the novel Farah’s childhood was described as quick while she experienced many traumatic events at a young age. Consequently, once she grew older her entire perspective of the world had shifted. She had become more aware of her own situation as well as her family's as the Taliban proceeded to take control of her once loved hometown of Kabul.
The start of it all happened after the traumatic war in Afghanistan, when a group of individuals decided on creating a new society based
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Women have become shut out from the world, forbidden to work, therefore kept in the dark with among thousands and thousands of other victims of this mistreatment. For instance, some of these women's lives consist of teaching classes in the privacy of their homes not daring to step out in fear of the streets run by the Taliban. Everyday women must be accompanied by a close male relative to be able to leave her household and even so, they are scrutinized for their apparel by the police force well know as the "Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice”. Ordinarily there'll be public lashings with cases of some women being underdressed. According to more of the Taliban codes, women who have been repeatedly raped can be charged for adultery and face penalties, they have even used forced marriages, and sexual assaults for ways in intimidation and domination. Everyday many women repeatedly stay hidden in fear of breaking one of the many Taliban laws and being punished for it. Afghanistan's health care provided for women has significantly had a downfall once one of Taliban's rules had included that there will be a separation of sexes, meaning that a female must only be treated by a female only. That includes an entire medical facility segregated by sex and only a chosen few have been selected for an exception to practice medicine. In order to seek any medical help one must have the

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