Gottman And Levenson: Article Analysis

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An article published by John Gottman and Robert Levenson (1999), How Stable is Marital Interaction Over Time has been critically evaluated to complete the following background information for counseling couples.
The article identified the lack of research in couples who are stable over time. The identified problem then becomes, how do stable couples interact over time? The purpose of the study in the general sense was to examine the couple’s expression of emotional patterns with one another. Gottman and Levenson (1999) identified only three published articles on topic of their identified problem of wanting to know more on stable couple’s interactions. The general brief synopsis of their literature review concluded that “marital interaction has some stability over time, but to considerably varying degrees” (Gottman & Levenson, 1999, p. 160). The gap in the literature review paved the research design to help further understand how stable couples interact
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Knowing strengths and weaknesses within the couple will help build a more effective treatment plan. Furthermore, more information is shared on what and how a stable marriage is proceeds over time. These results for the study can be used in a practical sense with a couple in counseling by educating the couple on current research findings, through psychoeducation. The counselor could also use the research findings to exemplify what positive and negative effect interactions look like with the couple and to guide them through intervention. This study contributed to evidenced based practice within the counseling profession by designing the study in the way to gather exact measurements of the physiological measures of each individual. Correlations were coded automatically and double checked with a human eye for reliability, which is believed to contribute to evidenced based

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