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  • Marriage And Family Interview Essay

    Jimmy said they see struggles in a positive manner. They believe that struggles make their relationship stronger. “It’s like the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you, really does make you stronger” (J Lee, personal communication, March, 12, 2016). As a close observer and grandchild, I see this statement to be true as most of their struggles just bring them closer together as a couple. How did your relationship change after having children? Furthermore, I wanted to know more about their relationship after having children. Thus, I asked my grandparents, “How did your relationship change after having children?” Jimmy expressed that they spent less time together once children came into the picture (personal communication, March 12, 2016). He said that vacations and weekend getaways decreased. Instead, they had to make time to raise their three children. Fortunately, once their children got older, they started to go on family vacations. Have you ever sought marriage…

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  • Dual Relationships In Counseling

    What is a dual relationship? A dual relationship is when a counselor/therapist and their client have another relationship in addition to the professional client/therapist relationship. When boundaries are crossed in the counseling relationship it may result in ethical problems. There are several types of potential relationships such as: physical, social, financial and psychological. Ethical violations may have negative effects on the client. Dual relationships are not always a problem but they…

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  • Family Counseling Goals

    Growing up, I watched many marriages and relationships fail. Unfortunately, as a child, there was not much that I could do to help. It broke my heart to see so many of the people close to me divorce and or break up. I am certain that some of the families that were torn apart chose not to seek counseling, however, I can only imagine how much it would’ve helped if they had. Even as a child I wondered if there was something that I could do to help. Today, I am able to do what I was unable to do…

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  • War Room Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon Essay

    The story also does a great job of expressing that you can’t go to God with certain problems and expect him to fix them right away. It’s a process of actually making the decision to make God the head of your life and constantly praying to him so he can see how sincere and willing your love is for him. The events in the narrator’s life are triggered as she tells the story of her accusations of her husband’s lies and her assumptions of him cheating to the group of women in the marriage counseling…

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  • When A Man Loves A Women Analysis

    that they were not able to see before. This could be extremely helpful for Alice because she will be able to see that she is able to function without the help of alcohol and actually her functioning is much better without it and that could make her realize that she needs to continue on the right path of recovery. This approach also allows us as professionals to get to know the family on a more personal level which could lead to a more successful result. The family will see that we do actually…

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  • Successful Counseling Relationship

    the mental wellbeing of people have gained significant momentum. Research related to psychology or mental health counseling have brought attention to the need for more in depth understanding of the constructs regarding a successful intervention or counseling relationship. Many researchers have attempted to explore the counseling relationship through different approaches, either qualitatively or quantitatively. Each approach brings about significant insight to the direction of how the counseling…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Family Therapy

    The world is made up of billions of people. Those billions of people are all connected by something called a family. One believes that without a family, there is no foundation or support system. Relationships are sometimes hard to manage, but with the right people, and the right information, things could be better. Strong family ties shouldn’t be based on one’s income, but in this world it is the most important feature of a relationship. It still amazes this writer how a class or amount of…

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  • The Importance Of Marriage Counseling

    Intro Mr. and Mrs. Smith contacted the office to schedule a marriage counseling session. Both parties were on the phone as the receptionist assisted the couple with scheduling an appointment. Once the receptionist scheduled the couple’s appointment the call was then transferred to the marriage counselor. The counselor gave the couple a homework assignment that was to be completed before their first session. The couple arrived to their appointment on time with their homework assignment completed.…

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  • Marriage Counselling Doesn T Work

    situation. Leave, leave things as they are or negotiate change. Does keeping quiet help? In some relationship the fighting gets so personal and critical that the fighting stops due to both parties just shutting down or “stonewalling” as John Gottman puts it. Gottman talks about the four horseman of the apocalypse for marriage being Criticism, Contempt, Stonewalling and Defensiveness. When we are forced to keep quiet these four grow and take over the relationship every time we do see fit to open…

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  • Relationship Counseling Case Study

    Discussion Questions 3.) How important do you think maintaining the marriage should be when a couple enters relationship counseling because of conflict and emotional distress? Do counselors have a greater ethical responsibility to encourage couples to maintain the marriage when children are involved? What guidelines would you provide to a new couple 's counselor trying to help a couple decide whether to stay together or divorce? I believe that maintaining the marriage should be the decision of…

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