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  • Standard Arabic Essay

    the pronunciation and explanation of the sample sentence in question. Based off of the data collected during my interviews, I came to the conclusion that the Jordanian Dialect of Arabic employs both derivational and inflectional morphemes. This assertion is evidenced by several example sentences. Within the collected data, inflectional affixes are used in Arabic in the following ways. First they are used to indicate person in verbs. Ana ughani I sing ‘I sing.’ Anta Tughani You (Sg) sing ‘You Sing.’ Huwa Yughani He sings ‘He sings.’ These sentences clearly illustrate the role of the inflectional prefix in indicating person. The 1st person form of the verb accepts the null affix, whereas the others accept a visible morpheme (underlined above). As a side note, these sentences have pronouns as the first word in each case due to the native speaker’s attempt to directly transcribe the English sentences into Arabic, however, in the follow-up interview, I confirmed that they are not necessary in order to utilize the verb in a sentence. Second, they are used to express number in verbs. Huwa Yughani He sings ‘He sings’ Hum Yughannu They (male) sing. ‘They sing.’ Inspection of the above sentences reveals that number is expressed through the use of an inflectional suffix consisting of –i and –nu for the singular and plural cases respectively. As with above, please ignore the pronouns present in the…

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  • Case Study: Fantastic Fakes, Inc. V. PICKWICK International

    Pickwick, on the other hand, made numerous derivatives from the recordings for sale as their inventory which was not in accordance with the terms. According to the records, however, all the copyrighted materials was after a copyright notice. In 1977, Fantastic Fakes realized that the copyright notice used by the defendant was incorrect and they filed a case with the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant was not liable for infringement of…

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  • Importance Of Morphology In Morphology

    word formation with the use of affixes to derive a new word from the old one. For example, ‘reader’ is derived by adding suffix –er to the verb ‘read’. When the suffix –er is added to the verb ‘read’, a new noun ‘reader’ is formed. Another example is we can form the noun ‘sadness’ from the adjective ‘sad’. The noun ‘sadness’ is formed by adding suffix –ness to the adjective ‘sad’. Thus, we can identify clearly the changes of word classes that occur from noun to verb and adjective to noun.…

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  • Richard Louv Mother Nature Analysis

    (Lines 57-59). Using the word “we’ll” allows us to relate to this passage more, as we feel connected to the central message of the passage. This instance of pathos helps develop a sense of credibility among Louv and each reader, as he relates his argument to “us.” Louv’s analysis gives us, the readers, a more profound perspective of the passage’s intended purpose, as he is able to relate the information directly to our present-day lives. In addition to using pathos, Louv uses many anecdotes…

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  • Bedroom Theme Ideas

    Decide on a basic wall color and then select one wall as your focal point and create a big daisy mural (copy a picture to a transparency, use an overhead projector and trace the outline) or purchase a ready-made one. Display the tops of artificial daisies (affix with reusable tac) or paint on smaller groupings of daisies on the remaining walls to bring the look of her teen room together. Other ideas for this bedroom theme include using a decorative border or reusable wall stickers, daisy print…

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  • Contrastive Analysis Of Word Formation

    of the word to form a new word. For example, sing, singing, still singing. The processes of word formation are: • Acronymy: is the process of forming a new word from the initials the original words or sentences. For example, unidentified flying object: UFO • Clipping: is the process of abbreviating a word to form a new word. For example, (tele)phone, (air)plane. • Borrowing: the process of forming new words by using words from other languages with the same meaning they are used for. For…

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  • A Widow's Burden: A Literary Analysis

    her property due to the fact that she is a woman. “As a woman, she wasn’t legally entitled to keep it” (Ingram 209). Consequently, because Sarah was a woman, she had no right to her husband’s property after he died. Although Raven’s Song, “The Progress of 50 Years,” and A Widow’s Burden relate because of oppression of women, they differ as well. For instance, Raven’s Song does not focus on calamity of women as much as the other two documents, “The Progress of 50 Years” is about all women being…

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  • We Were Soldiers Movie Analysis

    This song is starts off with overpowering bagpipes, and then switches to softer music and it is sang. This song plays a significant part in building emotion as the soldiers awake at dawn on the third day of battle. They awake knowing that the Vietnamese soldiers have moved in to attempt an ambush overnight, and this is their final opportunity to head it off and survive, or die trying. The music builds more suspense as Lt. Colonel Moore tells his men to affix their bayonets on their rifles. After…

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  • Importance Of Matcha Tasting Technique

    tendency to believe authentic matcha made of handpicked young tea leaves through a standard Japanese grinding technique. we all know that by following the meticulous method that matcha artisans have followed for thousands of years you'll get a bowl of emerald inexperienced, swish and aromatic matcha that factory-made, commercial matcha brands cannot deliver. Whisk Premium Matcha strives to create a matcha community for those who share identical values and vision likewise as lead a full of life…

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  • Business Case Study: Foot Locker, Inc.

    will be examined advance in this activity investigation. Topographically, Foot Locker has constructed their image colossally finished the most recent century. Fundamentally, wherever you go to shop you can discover a Foot Locker or one of its partners. They will probably give in-style, athletic footwear and apparel to its clients all around the globe. They have turned out to be prominent in light of the fact that they stay aware of the most recent patterns in various geological locales and…

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