Affect theory

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  • Mental And Physical Task Research Paper

    Title: Mental and Physical Tasks Principle Investigator: Maryliah Leaverton Co-Investigators: Alison Novosel, Evan Strandberg, and Nicholas Louie Abstract 60 male and female undergraduate college students were selected to participate. Participants completed an elastic band resistance task and a Stroop task to achieve physical and cognitive depletion. Participants also listened to an uplifting song as a way of replenishing self-regulation. The study involved 4 conditions: depleted, positive, depleted, no affect, non-depleted, positive and non-depleted, no affect. It was hypothesized that those in high-depleted self-regulation and positive affect mood state condition would perform better on the resistance band exercise task than those in the…

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  • Social Work And Self Awareness Essay

    especially social workers and social work graduate students, to have self-care and positively practice wellness on a regular basis to prevent oneself from burn out. In 2015, it is common for one to use social media as an outlet from their hectic reality. Internet addiction is rapidly developing in the world (Watson, 2005) and clinicians are experiencing difficulties in treating clients; cognitive behavioral therapy is an approach that is commonly used (Didelot, Hollingsworth, & Buckenmeyer,…

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  • Stress Management App Efficacy Examples

    Stress Management App Efficacy: The Impact on Negative and Positive Affect Do various stress management apps effect negative and positive affect differently? The present study consisted of a randomized comparative efficacy trial, which aimed to unveil whether three stress management applications differed in their impact on negative and positive affect. Participants completed a pre-test assessment of their experiences of various negative and positive affects. The pre-test assessment also…

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  • Cause Of Internet Addiction

    positive affect and 27 for negative affect. This shows that the client’s positive affect increased significantly and her negative affect did not change much compared to her first PANAS score. The positive affect increasing could be a result of creating self-awareness to the amount of time spent on social media. In addition, the client reported that she was occupied with a court trial during her working day and had more homework to complete, making her look less at her phone on social media. Her…

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  • Jill's Divorce Case Study

    parents to understand that divorce negatively affects their children’s academic achievement, behavior, and risk of getting incarcerated. Although there are many negative affects on children after divorce, there are also some positive ones. The first positive affect divorce can have on the children is that they are not around the constant fighting anymore. The child also has the ability to get away from an emotionally or physically abusive parent. The second positive affect of divorce is that the…

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  • Face During Interpersonal Conflict Essay

    is it a strategy used to fit in with a given culture? Face theory “helps us understand why and how people construct their public images and the strategies used to maintain or restore these images” (Baxter, pg. 203-204). Symbolic representations or images reflect our knowledge about other cultures and the conflicts we encounter during such interactions. Through researching the effects of face, conflict, self-esteem, stereotypes, and finally, disclosure, we can determine why we present ourselves…

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  • Jacquie: A Case Study Of Mahler's Model

    development to occur, instead being a good enough mother can help the child in the attunement for the developmental needs (Berzoff, Flanagan, & Hertz, 2016). In the case of Jacquie as the beginning years of her child’s rearing were not perfect, but were somewhat good enough. Therefore, Susana had less stressors as she did have more interactions with the mother of what can be assumed largely on the weekends when she was not attending her training program. While Susana is growing and does…

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  • Social Comparison

    exposed to superior profile pictures showed fewer positive emotions and were less satisfied with their own bodies. Additionally, there are also studies that revealed the negative effects of Facebook usage on the users well-being. The ample amount of information people disclosed on Facebook posts makes it a perfect stage for social comparison. Previous studies showed that social comparison can negatively influence self-evaluation, as well as elicit dissatisfaction with life, frustration,…

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  • Body Image Sociology

    exposure has on young women. This research has proven that certain forms of media has a negative effect on self-esteem and body image. This essay will analyze sociological studies on the impact magazines, television, and the internet leave on young women. Specifically, these forms of media have proven to lower women’s overall body satisfaction in body image, self-esteem and internalizations. Using social comparison theory these…

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  • What Is The Role Of Motivation And Emotion In Psychology

    Emotion is an evaluated response that includes experience, behavioural and emotional expressions. Different emotions give different facial expressions. The basic emotions can be interpreted similarly across cultures. However, there are display rules that people control their own expressions of emotions, due to their specific and standards of culture. Emotions are categorised into positive and negative affect. Positive leads to pleasant motives whereas negative leads to unpleasant motives. There…

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