Face During Interpersonal Conflict Essay

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Interpersonal Conflicts:
The Importance of Maintaining Face During Adolescence
Why is it important to maintain one’s public image or face? Why is it that we as a society form these images? Is it to hide who we are or is it a strategy used to fit in with a given culture? Face theory “helps us understand why and how people construct their public images and the strategies used to maintain or restore these images” (Baxter, pg. 203-204). Symbolic representations or images reflect our knowledge about other cultures and the conflicts we encounter during such interactions. Through researching the effects of face, conflict, self-esteem, stereotypes, and finally, disclosure, we can determine why we present ourselves as someone we’re not rather than who we truly are in cross-cultural communication settings, especially during adolescence. Furthermore, we will learn more about face theory and why we should care about the effects face have during adolescence. Finally, we will come up with a research question regarding why we should learn more about this issue by applying a research method.
The Concept of Face During Interpersonal Conflicts “Conflict is the perceived and/or actual incompatibility of values, expectations, processes or outcomes between two or
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203-204). The overarching tenet of this theory argues that when we lose face, we become flustered and embarrassed. When these situations occur in a cross-cultural setting, we use face-work to maintain the integrity of our own face. In short, it is primarily used to predict. As we have seen in the studies mentioned above, face theory can be applied to numerous events. Furthermore, the theory has broad scope. It can help make sense why certain things happen. It is also heuristic in the sense that stimulates continued research regarding a

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