Conflict Management In Islam Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Competetion exist because of interest, values, actions, status, objectives and other needs. Sometimes competetion is purposly created because of job specification needs (Bisno, 1988). But more importantly is with every problem, crisis, or conflict, there is a possiblity of success and failure. It is important to identify, nurture and harvest the success seeds as it is the responsibilities of the crisis management (Augustine, 2000). Conflict is natural, not positive and not negative, and it is an effect which cannot be avoided as a result of a natural process for change and development (Messman & Mikesell, 2000). Conflict is a state where interests and objectives of two or more parties are incompetible (Klar, Bar-Tal and Kruglanski, 1988; Thomas, 1976; Schmidt dan Kochan, 1972; Pruitt dan Rubin, 1986; Putnam dan Poole, 1987, in Rhoades, 1999). Conflict is refered to as an existance of a clash between two different interests but cannot be shared (De Bono, 1985 dan Littlejohn, 1988). Social conflict is refered to as a social interaction process constitues a raection to acquire sources, power and status, believe and other interest with limited resources (Bisno, …show more content…
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