Constructive And Destructive Conflict Essay

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Conflict is defined as a difference of ideas or opinions. In a team or organization consisting of people from different backgrounds and with different skills, perspective and experience, it is possible to form some conflicts. According to Scott (1967), conflict may be in two forms, constructive and destructive. Constructive conflict is when one level of conflict may key to up for superior performance while destructive conflict is intense or prolonged conflict. Too much conflict may cause worry or fear, hamper work performance, and in some cases led to physical and mental illness.

Lahiff and Penrose (1997) state that when conflict occurs, the adrenal glands deliver extra energy. The individual is in a state of tensed readiness in which hearing and vision become more acute. Properly channeled, this type of stress can stimulate a person to put forth-superior effort. In fact, conflict is inevitable especially in an individual with an interesting and challenging job. Many active people grow and develop on conflict, and it can have a beneficial effect on physical and mental health.

However, conflict can also be damaging. Too much conflict can be
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Interpersonal conflict refers to a conflict between two individuals. This type of conflict occurs basically due to how people are different from one another. Every individual have varied personalities which usually results to incompatible choices and opinions. Intrapersonal conflict, on the other hand, is the conflict within an individual. This type of conflict which is psychological involves the individual’s thoughts, values, principles and emotions. It can be quite difficult to handle if a person find it hard to identify his inner struggles. It leads to restlessness and uneasiness, or can even cause depression. If it happens, the best thing to do is to seek a way to let go of the anxiety through communicating with other

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