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  • Picture Of Dorian Gray: A Professor's Analysis

    The Picture of Dorian Gray: A Professor’s Analysis “There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.” (Wilde 3). There are many debates about the greatest book that ever existed, and this debate will continue to rage on but what is undeniable is that The Picture of Dorian Gray is definitely a well written book. The morality of this book however is a different issue altogether as this book discusses many different themes from youth…

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  • Science Fair Hypothesis

    Fair Name: Gustavo Hernandez Date: Nov.28.2015 Partner: N/A Experimental Question, Independent Variable, and Dependent Variable: Do video games affect memory? Memory is an incredible thing and some parts of it we do not even understand, so in this new era with video games rising in popularity and being in many different households do video games affect gaming? The testing will be done by manipulating a game playing time between studying and taking a quiz. A test subject will be given five…

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  • Richard Dawkins: Reality Proven By Scientific Evidence And Magic

    Richard Dawkins is trying to argue that reality can be proven by scientific evidence and magic is used when we do not know why something happen the way they do. We classify something as real when proven by our five senses. However, “we are able to develop new technology and extend the reach of our senses. For example, a microscope to prove that bacteria does exist”. Although, we cannot see microbes with our naked eyes we can use an instrument to see it. Dawkins only believes in poetic magic,…

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  • Change Detection Theory

    Change detection is a famous theory that was first presented by Dr. Ronald A. Rensink. One of the central problems change detection was set out to solve was a change blindness, the obliviousness to change in particular visual stimuli. Explicitly, an individual can be presented with identical photographs, but one has a minor difference. Change blindness is regarded as the cause if a participant doesn't manage to discern the change between the pictures. In a study conducted by (Rensink, 2002)…

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  • Contextual Framework Of A Methodological Framework

    conceptual narratives (progress, convenience, determinism and control), and to take a closer look at the ways in which technology is integrated and embedded in our culture. Technology as a concept will be evaluated through applying the four phases of the theory of simulacrum in order to illustrate the ways in which it simulates the role of religion in a technologically driven era. Baudrillard created four levels of reproduction. These will be discussed in more detail later, but are: 1. The…

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  • Analytic Borderlands

    drew dynamically on theories from adjacent disciplines. Whereas Sassen taps into nodes on a circuit board of global transactions, Whyte’s impetus was more social; to make connections between single…

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  • The Great Influenza Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    In this passage from John M. Barry’s book, The Great Influenza, an account of the 1918 flu epidemic, he writes about scientists and their research. Barry’s purpose is to have his reader question everything so that reality can be found in the end. He utilizes the use of anaphora, imagery, extended metaphor, and rhetorical questions to make the reader reflect in a scientific way. To set the stage, Barry starts off by structuring his first paragraph anaphorically to give the reader two…

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  • Sexual Attraction Psychology

    The experiment discussed in this article set out to determine if conditions of high anxiety, increased sexual attraction. They hypothesized that males who come across an attractive female while experiencing a strong emotion such as fear will find the female more attractive than by males not experiencing a strong emotion, which is also the alternative hypothesis. The independent variable is a strong emotion such as fear. This was operationalized by participants being on an unsteady bridge that…

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  • Fog Monologue

    I don't think I'll ever forget myself as I was just then; my legs sprawled up on the picnic table and back arched to try and conform to the rigid wooden chair that would never be comfortable. My eyes were shut, and my sigh was soft. My chest hurt, but not in a broken-hearted kind of way. It was actually physical, but I tried to ignore it. I felt like crying for no reason, but I didn't. Is there a scholastic explanation for gut feelings? I’ve never bothered to hold onto memories of scientific…

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  • Conceptual Framework In Nursing

    A variety of theories have been put forward to deliver and implement for their purposefulness in terms of explaining the natural truth and even physical sciences. Obviously, nursing discipline also have been developed their knowledge using deductive and inductive methods for generating nursing theory to enhance the better care. Before exploring the distinction between the theory, theoretical framework, and conceptual framework, the becoming information will describe the definition of those terms…

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