Scientific Method Essay

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The scientific method is a procedure that is used by scientists now and in the past, dating back to the seventeenth century. The scientific method consists of observation, measurement, and experiment, and the creation and testing of hypotheses. There are several steps and different components to the scientific method that will (hopefully) answer the scientists’ questions, by the completion of the experiment.

There are countless different reasons as to why a scientist would use the scientific method, but one area of research that is focused on is, biology. Biologists seek to find the answers to further and better understand the processes that occur in living systems. The first step to the scientific method is to ask a question. Then do research on that question and see what is already known. After that, one must construct a hypothesis and an experiment to follow the hypothesis. Once the experiment is completed one must analyze their results, draw conclusions, and see if the conclusion aligns with the hypothesis. Lastly communicate the results! If the results are not what was intended, then they can be used as a basis for future experiments.
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For twelve weeks we were given different topics that we would do experiments on, and prior to coming to class we were given assignments and readings to familiarize ourselves with the topic. Based on the research, we would create a hypothesis, conduct the experiment, then draw conclusions and analyze the data in the form of a lab write up. Some topics we experimented included, macromolecules, cell membranes, enzymes, electrons in mitochondria, photosynthesis, cell reproduction, eubacteria, bacterial transformation and

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