Gregor Mendel's Theory Of Inheritance Essay

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Gregor Mendel, a scientist, used pea plants in a study to find out how heredity is passed through generations. He found out through observation and data collection how each trait is passed and came to conclusions no one before him had. Before his studies, we did not know as much or nearly at all about how traits were inherited from parents to their offspring. His study of these plants helped to shape the ideas we have about inheritance today. With his help we have developed a continuously changing concept of inheritance. In the future our ideas about inheritance will be different by cause of them changing in the past, the scientific method proves it, and new discoveries may be made. Our ideas about science are constantly evolving. An example of science changing is radiation being used to treat cancer. In the early 1900s, radiologists would test the strength of the radiation before administering it to patients. This led to radiologists discovering high radiation exposure could cause cancer, not only cure it. The general thought before this realization was that the radiation would only kill cancer cells and not create them …show more content…
This has five steps, in order: observation, hypothesis, data collection, analysis of data, and conclusion. Observation is someone noticing something is happening, which leads into hypothesis. This happens after observation and it is taking an educated guess at what is causing something to happen. This then causes an experiment to be formed to test the hypothesis, which has data collected from the experiment. Then, based off of the data, it is analyzed with conclusions drawn from them. If there is one step not completely finished, then the experimenter cannot move on to the next step. All of the time a scientist may come up with a new idea, which changed the last four steps being that a new hypothesis is formed. Not only this, but new data is being collected

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