Affordable housing

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  • Affordable Housing Observation

    Disrespectful Residents Taking Over Affordable Housing There are great options available to lower income individuals and families for affordable housing. The options include public and section 8 housing through the city as well as affordable housing through private ownership. Residents have opportunities depending on income, size of family, and senior citizen status. The problem that arises frequently in these housing developments is a common theme of residents that have no respect for the property. This observation comes from a personal standpoint based on my own experience of living in affordable housing, family members residing in public housing, and a personal contact with a rental property owner that accepts section 8. The lack of respect…

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  • Affordable Housing Impact

    The Booming Impacts of Housing Affordable housing is an important issue that not only affects the Boston area, but the United States as a whole. The New York Times published an article in November 2015 stating that based off a Siena College Poll, “half of New Yorkers say they are barely or not getting by.” However, affordable housing has many indirect impacts in society rather than just shelter. These impacts have an effect on mental and physical health, the environment, education, and the…

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  • Affordable Housing History

    safe and suitable housing has been problematic since the 1800s in the United States. The tenement reform was an early intervention by the local government before the federal government got involved in 1937. Congress passed the Wagner-steagall housing Act, which established the current federal housing program. For the past years, public housing authorities having been trying to attain the level of success mixed income housing authorities pursue today? The beginning of mixed income housing was the…

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  • Homelessness And Urban Development In Toronto

    According to a study of homelessness in Toronto, racialized and immigrant families are over represented in inadequate housing with conditions of overcrowding and health concerns. They are also more likely to be evicted, as their income is not necessarily sufficient enough (Paradis, Logan, & Wilson, 2014, p. 5). There are certain groups in ethnic enclaves or neighbourhoods that live in less than desirable living conditions and with the boom in condominium development throughout Toronto, certain…

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  • Implication Of Gentrification

    In the global city of Washington, DC, gentrification related to affordable housing and social/racial tensions is becoming more and more prevalent. This, in turn, is affecting the future of the community and having adverse implications for the city’s old and new inhabitants. Gentrification is the practice of revitalizing or reforming a community to appeal to higher-class tastes, most often the tastes of the white middle-class. While gentrification is sometimes associated with increases in…

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  • Housing Choice Voucher Case Study

    The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8, is influenced by multiple policy actors, various interest groups, and sub-committees. These actors provide the education, research, and support needed to keep the policy flourishing and to also to make sure it is running efficiently. The Section 8 program began in 1974 by the U.S. Government. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is responsible for funding this subsidy program yet there are many aspects that come…

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  • Research Paper On Felons

    Felons with a second chance Introduction According to Bloomington housing authority “If a felon has engaged in any violent criminal activity, or in any other criminal activity that would affect other tenants’ health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises will not be accepted for public housing or section 8. Therefore, some paroles that have serious drug felons are left having no governmental assisted housing. As a result, paroles are stuck in finding housing in the privatized…

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  • Neighbors May Finally Get Their Way Case Study

    northern Brooklyn while it operated from 1914 to 1982. The hospital served residents living in a community built around industry and considered a rawer area of the city. As the hospital aged, its facilities declined and the level of care which could be provided for patients degraded to the point that the hospital was closed as the Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center assumed and could better fulfill the responsibilities to the community. The opening of the new center incentivized the city…

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  • Lack Of Habitable Housing And Health

    Lack of affordable and quality housing is an important contributing factor of health issues and a major public health concern. A study on housing and health has shown that poor housing conditions are associated with several health conditions such as asthma, lead poisoning, and mental health (Krieger & Higgins, 2002). In the United States, 2 million people visit the emergency room for asthma, 1 million children have lead levels high enough to affect their intelligence, and behavior.…

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  • Structural Functionalism In Community Development

    Bend has great need for successful affordable housings programs. According to the 2014 Annual Renters Survey, the city has a vacancy rate of .6 percent, compared to a national vacancy rate of 4.1 percent. Similarly, housing inventory, as defined by number of listings available divided by closed listings per month, only stands at 2 months for homes valued $250,000 of less. This significant demand coupled with constrained supply has led to median house prices of $321,500, or percent 50% above…

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