Affordable Housing Impact

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The Booming Impacts of Housing
Affordable housing is an important issue that not only affects the Boston area, but the United States as a whole. The New York Times published an article in November 2015 stating that based off a Siena College Poll, “half of New Yorkers say they are barely or not getting by.” However, affordable housing has many indirect impacts in society rather than just shelter. These impacts have an effect on mental and physical health, the environment, education, and the economy. Is affordable housing really affordable affordable in the Boston area? If not, how does the government combat the issue of affordable housing?
Firstly, it is important to understand the various pathways in which housing can affect health; these
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In a Housing Policy Research article written by Maya Brennan, she states that there is a correlation with affordable housing and educational opportunities for children. She states that research reveals that a stable and supportive home environment can have positive results on a child’s education. It reduces the need for overcrowding and other factors of home related stress. Overcrowding is when there people are too confined in one area. Studies that support that statement reveal that children who had grown up in an overcrowded home statistically have lower, reading and math scores, and completed fewer years of education compared to their peers in a more stable environment. Another reason on how affordable housing has a positive impact on education is how it combats homelessness among families that have children. Children who experienced homeless face many barriers in their educational career, they may lost study time, head start opportunities and even accessing pre-school. There are studies that show that children who experienced homelessness are more likely to repeat a grade, drop out of school, or even do poorly on exams. Homelessness can having a lasting impact on children depending on how long they’ve experienced it and at what age. Affordable housing can help children avoid these disruptions that homeless and low-income children experienced.There are some many positive impacts that affordable housing …show more content…
It is important to know the consequences of these cheap but low-grade housing alternatives that consumers settle for because these homes laid within their price range. Indirect consequences could affect the occupants physical well-being and mental health. Because of these consequences it is important to reflect on the positives of affordable housing. Some benefits are how affordable housing can help stimulate the economy because of the multiplier effect, and how affordable housing has a positive impact on education for children. Another positive outlook in the affordable housing topic is how the government is working on it. In Boston, the government uses people like Wessel to recite the issues and complaints the citizens of Boston have in the city to retort back to the mayor. The government is working on the affordable housing issue by creating more supply for cheaper prices, because “ more supply...could lower the cost.” Affordable housing is more than just a movement that aims to provide citizens with more affordable shelter. Affordable housing is a movement that can promotes education, can promote better health and is a catalyst for the

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