Affordable housing

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  • The Pruitt-Igoe Myth Analysis

    The Pruitt-Igoe complex began as a benign plot to provide low-income families with affordable housing, but several decades later, it ended up as a ruined relic of the past. The Pruitt-Igoe Myth tells the story of the transformation of the American city, specifically that of St Louis, Missouri, in the developing era after the second world war, through the lens of the infamous Pruitt-Igoe housing development team and the residents of St. Louis who called the complex home. After WW2, many residents…

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  • P1ma Housing Case Study

    7.0 CHALLENGES The main challenges faced by PR1MA housing project are that, PR1MA has to ensure that the housing development project comes up with the right products that meet the demands of the users and also gets approvals from various authorities. For the first challenge faced by PR1MA which is to ensure that the housing development produced met the users’ criteria, PR1MA Corporation must ensuring that project meets the demands of the stakeholders. The citizens are hoping the government can…

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  • Chicago Housing Violence

    Initially, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) built high rise public housing projects, such as the Cabrini-Green Homes and the Robert Taylor Homes, to accommodate large of immigrants and returning war veterans after World War II. Initially these were effective, state of the art housing complexes that provide cheap housing for people of a variety of socioeconomic classes, ranging from the poor to middle-class, working families…

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  • Carl Mackley Houses Project

    Government created the Federal Housing Administration which was to provide loans to be borrowed for Americans to able to purchase a house. At first Americans need it to pay the 15% out of the sale’s house to be able to own a house and have thirty years to pay the rest of the money. One of the projects that were the best known was Levittown, Long Island by the firm of Levitt and Sons, Inc. It was the most famous American…

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  • Aging In Nursing Home Research Paper

    happening to the older adult population. Over 95% of older adults agree and would rather stay in their homes then being moved into a nursing home. This is because home is such an importance and special place. Home modifications, new technologies, housing communities, and forms of care are being developed and improved every day to help older adults age while staying in place of…

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  • Yesler's Hill Housing Case Study

    Introduction Housing needs vary according to family life stages or person’s perception of what they need in a house. The very first phase in finding a home is considering what type of shelter suits the household. There are factors that affect housing needs: climate, location, cost, aptness and lifestyles. Those aspects should be considered in order to satisfy the needs for a home. This paper investigates the states of mind and opinions of utilized inhabitants of the public housing…

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  • Madeleine Hatoun Homelessness Case Study

    #172 Campaign to help raise awareness of this pressing social concern. Programs include shelters for individuals, shelters for families, transitional housing, permanent housing, emergency grants for rental and mortgage payments. People also receive assistance with work force training, budgeting, navigating the welfare system, accessing affordable childcare services, parenting classes, computer training, creative writing groups, women’s groups, individual tutoring, cooking and grocery…

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  • Homeless Elderly

    availability of affordable housing among certain segments of the aging. Throughout the nation, there are at least 9 seniors waiting for every occupied unit of affordable elderly housing (HEARTH, 2007). Many elderly people…

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  • Homelessness Research

    estimated over 600,000 Americans who suffer from homelessness on any given night according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. More than one quarter of these individuals are children under the age of 18 (2014). Homelessness is an issue that has been decreasing in America over the past decade due to programs initiated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It has since declined two percent from 2013 to 2014, but this does not necessarily suggest that…

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  • Chronic Homelessness Case Study

    enter into shelters, instead she would visit emergency rooms to escape from the harsh weather outside. The housing first program was able to give her the home that she had always envisioned for herself. By receiving stable housing she was able to find the stability to work on her mental illnesses and substance abuse problems through the support services offered to her through the housing first program. Today she has been placed in a stable home for over three years and continues to help…

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