Essay On Emotional Dissonance

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The article examined in the paper is “Linking Emotional Dissonance and Service Climate to Well-Being at Work: A Cross-Level Analysis.” As described in the title, this article examines the use of emotional dissonance and service climate as independent variables in predicting well-being at work. The research was performed because employee well-being continues to be a topic of social interest as the service sector is the largest in total jobs in the United States and Europe (Bureau of Labour Statistics, 2001; European Commission, 2008). The sample used in the study consisted of Spanish hotel service workers in customer facing roles. The study was constructed to review relationships on the individual level as well as the organizational level. …show more content…
I am a customer service supervisor at a large bank’s customer service center. Evidence of emotional dissonance presents itself daily. The bank has a set of core values that all employees are expected to portray. We have clear and emphasized display norms. Each of my bankers contacts averages between three and four minutes. Each call, no matter the length or reason, is expected to be used to enhance the customer relationship. This tight control over what can and cannot be displayed proves to be very frustrating at times for bankers. This article’s findings will prove to be very valuable to my work. From the article, as well as the text, I have learned the clear implications and effect of emotional dissonance. The research will prove to be extremely useful in the way I go about training and interacting with my team. There has always been an emphasis on reducing emotional dissonance even before I knew exactly what it was. To decrease this effect, an increased focus will now be on coaching the transition from the use of surface acting to more deep acting. Robbins and Judge (2007) offer the strategy of situational reappraisal to decrease the stress caused by surface acting. As well, this study seems to have shown that it truly is important to cultivate an atmosphere that replenishes emotional

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