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  • Resident Aliens Book Review

    Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon use Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony to argue that the church has been called on by God to be what they call a “unique colony” within today’s world, and not a social group who makes their decision based on society’s opinions. The authors chose to use the metaphor of a colony to symbolize that although the church is part of the state its first priority is God and his will, rather than the governments. The second metaphor the authors chose to…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Religion

    and can teach others to use the new technology advancements. Technology is helping religion spread like wild fire throughout social media and television. To begin, a documentary has done studies that show how social media has “created a worldwide church community.” A page on Facebook entitled…

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  • The Progressive Theology Analysis

    "God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself" 2 Corinthians 5:19 "Kingdom of God", according to the interpretation of Christian Tradition and Scripture, was for the Jews particularly as a special message to this group as people of God. The Progressive Theology as liberating experience and the application of the “Kindom” (Kinship, according to Ada Maria Isasi terminology = Family) opens the door for Jesus to people oppressed by suffering, chaos, poverty, prejudice, society and evil. The…

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  • Praxis Of Worship Essay

    change now dwells outside the Church. The Church - the radix of human existence - is the first representation of God 's creative act in Jesus Christ. Therefore, Christian worship represents the first social reform. Divine worship prepares individuals and communities for social action. But if the praxis of worship contains cultural bias, ignores the disenfranchised, marginalizes children, shuns contemporary musicians, or denies female pastors, how then can the Church honestly advocate for…

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  • Salvation Langston Hughes Analysis

    to receive Jesus as his Savior, but little did he know he would leave church with doubts about God. The story also points out very discrete and different perspectives of what Salvation is. Salvation is viewed differently in the story in which three people feel as though it is pressured upon, a necessity to life and a daily revival. The author Langston Hughes was convinced by the…

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  • Free Time Reflection

    then one tends to develop bad habits, especially with regards to time management. The opposite is also true however, if one spends their “free time” wisely then good tendencies start to form. Professor Davis seems to agree in his book, In All Things Christ Preeminent, when he says, “…Students spend lots of time on things other than required classes and college-organized group activities. The way students spend the rest of their time shapes their habits of heart and mind…” (78). This Summer, I…

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  • Three Phases Essay: The Three Stages Of Discipleshhip

    me to be.” I told him, I would go if it were at the church. He replied, “Well no one goes if it is at the church.” I was absolutely, incredulous. I tried to explain to him about the eight-hundred gorilla in the room but it did not reach him. My friends and I organized a prayer meeting for four weeks at the church, a simple hour to hour and half of praying. It was well announced. We averaged about six people outside our group out of a church of three-hundred. Secondly, I come from a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life Through Religion

    standard, the necessary source, and the Son of God, regarding numerous others; nobody can touch his godliness and effect in religion to me. Coming about because of my recently increased point of view, church turned into a vastly improved scene to learn and learn Christian religion and Jesus Christ. I was gradually starting to have the capacity to relate myself and my encounters to every one of the lessons and readings that would be verbalized to me amid the masses. It was a lot more agreeable…

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  • Brief Summary Of Cheap Grace By Bonheoffer

    Bonheoffer describes as, “the deadly enemy of our Church” (43). Not only did I believe that God gave us “lethal” cheap grace, but I also contemplated…

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  • Julius Caesar And Grace Analysis

    members are thought to be not of the mediate family of Caesar. Paul closes his letter with the use of the word grace, this word grace can only be given to someone that knows Christ. For grace means pleasure, delight, sweetness, favor that which affords joy and the merciful kindness from Christ. This grace the belongs to Christ…

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