Christ True Church Essay

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Some wonder which is Christ true church. With so many denominations one is left to wonder where do I go. I have became a christian but how do i know which church is the right. Is there even a church that is right? This problem has been around for centuries, but many didn 't say anything about it. However a man named Barton Stone decided to take a stand. He and some others created a document, and in this document he addressed these exact issues. This paper will discuss how the last will and testament really tried to put an end to denominations. They did this by admitting that they needed to dissolve from the past names they have been called and instead focus on being the one body that the bible talks about, they pushed for the church to be self governed, and sticking to what the scriptures alone to get how they were to govern the church. In my following paragraphs i will discuss these issues more thoroughly. First, a quote from the Last Will and Testament says “We will that this body die, be dissolved, and sink into union with the Body of Christ at large, for there is but one Body, and one Spirit, even as we are …show more content…
They spoke where others were afraid and said things that others might not have liked, but they did it because they knew it is what God would want. Nobody likes to be wrong which is why it was such a big pill for their audience to swallow. However the document addressed these issues by speaking on how the writers themselves wanted to dissolve themselves so that they would be the one true Church of Christ, Pushing how the Church needed to be self governed, and sticking to the scriptures and not man’s word. It wasn 't an easy battle that the authors of this document got into, but they knew that the direction of the Church was going down the wrong path and needed to change before it was too

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