Via Salutis In The Sermon Original Sin By John Wesley

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Via Salutis
Outline: In the Via Salutis the saving work of Christ is shown with justification and sanctification through several sermons of John Wesley. In the sermon Original Sin, our sinful nature is depicted, “Now God saw that all this, the whole thereof, was evil; -- contrary to moral rectitude; contrary to the nature of God, which necessarily includes all good…”. God saw us for who we truly were but still allowed His relationship with us to move passed legal justification, which we truly deserve. Repentance is also a topic that will be noted in regard to sanctification. John Wesley’s sermon The Spirit of Bondage and of Adoption states, “But at first ye knew it not, though ye were wallowing daily in your sins and in your blood; till,
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The church is the community of God’s children, which is essential for salvation. Whether the community is together in fellowship, as a congregation, or during global ministry, each avenue leads people to salvation. In 7.1 of The Christian Reader it states, “For Irenaeus, the gospel had been corrupted by those outside the church; in order to be assured of the integrity of the Christian proclaimed the apostolic preaching.” This quote emphasizes that the preaching of the gospel is important to its listeners and leads them to spiritual growth, proving that the church plays a necessary role in salvation. Another important role that the church plays in salvation is through baptism. In 8.2 of the Christian Reader it states, “Being baptized, we are enlightened: being enlightened, we are adopted as sons: being adopted, we are made perfect; being made complete, we are made immortal.” This quote gives me enlightenment on the depth of importance that baptism in leading us to salvation. Martin Luther helps to thoroughly explain what baptism is in 8.20 of the Christian Reader, “Baptism is not just water on its own, but it is water used according to God’s command and linked with God’s Word.” This clarifies what baptism truly represents. Baptism is an important sacrament that plays a major role in our

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