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  • Circadian Clock Essay

    The Circadian clock which is the 24h day and night cycle is having an effect on the psychological activity of all organisms. These processes involve activities such as the wave pattern of the brain, melatonin, and other biological aspects. Melatonin is a hormone in the brain that helps our body to control the sleep and wake cycles. A small portion of it can be found in some certain food such as meat and fruits. Our internal “clock” in our bodies that controls the sleep and wake cycles can also control the amount of melatonin our bodies makes. During late evening and night the melatonin remains high until morning when it starts to drop again. However, light affects how much of this hormone our body is producing. Which can interfere with our body’s Circadian cycle. The result of the disruption in these activities can cause depression, insomnia, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Artificial light at night can harm our sleep pattern and lead to sleep disorders. A shift in our internal clock impairs our ability to sleep and wake at appropriate times, which reduces the engine in our body. Some factors of our bodies that can be affected by the impaired sleep are, weight gain, depression, stress, and onset of diabetes. These are all very harmful effects to a human 's body that can be avoided. According to the National Institution of Health, studies have shown that the human body performs best when sleeping at night and acting during daytime, which is no surprise. Therefore it is…

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  • Rotating Shift Work Research Paper

    Although operating a business twenty four hours, a day seven days a week is great for production, it’s not always good for the workers’ health. Some of the health challenges that rotating shift workers will experience in their career are obesity, insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease. The effects of a rotating shift work can be challenging for workers who are not aware of the health issues, and how their circadian rhythm works. The circadian rhythm is what…

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  • A Narrative Essay About A Day In High School

    BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I look at my alarm, it’s 7:00AM. I fall out of bed, furiously brushing my teeth, throw some clothes on, and run out the door to catch the bus. This was my routine every morning. Waking up at 6:45 AM, eating breakfast, showering, and then rushing down to the same bus stop, hopefully, to make the 7:42 AM bus. I heavily relied on the bus my freshman and sophomore years of high school. My parents were always preoccupied, getting my younger brother and sister ready for school and…

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  • The Teenage Brain By Frances Jensen Analysis

    Teenagers often say that when they don't get enough sleep they have a hard time going through the day. However, in the book The Teenage Brain, Frances Jensen shares her theory about teenagers that typically text or stay up watching tv usually don’t get enough sleep and then it leads to stress and anxiety. Teenagers need to know that sleep is an important part in a young adolescent life. Many teenagers are night owls. On page 87, Jensen states ““The technical terms for ‘larks’ and ‘owls’ are…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Sleep

    Sleepiness Scale, and a Chronotype Questionnaire. As these are all subjective ways of measuring sleep, it is fair to say that this data could not as reliable as I hope because my answers to questions could vary in many ways depending on my mood, fatigue, etc. Although it may not be as reliable as I would hope, the data received can allow me to get a deeper understanding of sleep because it allows me to analyze it more in depth. The test that allows this the most is the Stanford Sleepiness Scale…

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  • High School Start Time Essay

    Adolescent Sleep Patterns and High School Start Times The question of whether or not to delay the start times of high school has been debated and it is clear that there are both advantages and disadvantages. There are certainly benefits to making school start times later, particularly in regards to the behavioural and mental effects on the students. However, there is also the social and economic side to consider, as changes in the start time plague these areas with issues. Even though both sides…

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  • Essay On Sleeping Behavior

    phones has added to the addiction of their use. “Nearly 85% of adolescents in the United States sleep with their phone in or near their bed.”() However, it is difficult for their nighttime use to be regulated. The presence of mobile phones affects sleep because adolescents are constantly checking their phones and texting their friends. Therefore, a study was conducted in order to determine sleep and daytime functioning effects. In the Edison Township school district in Middlesex County, New…

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