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  • Cluny III Case Study

    reasons, namely for the sheer size of its church. Its vast size secured it as the largest building in the world until the rebuilding of St. Peter’s, which was constructed to intentionally be a few inches larger than Cluny III. Due to its 1000-foot height, some even considered it to be the “angels’ courtyard” should the inhabitants of heaven “content themselves with our terrestrial dwelling.” Aside from its size, Cluny was the first monastery to enjoy the right of being its own autonomous state that only had to refer to the pope. “Cluny sought to implement the Benedictine program more fully by achieving independence from secular authorities,”…

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  • Tadao Ando

    works reveal a dialogue with nature and tradition (culture); Shintai and space; and geometry. In addition to many other concept and sub-themes. Beside the present of Japanese traditional concept in his architecture, Ando was influence by Modern architecture (Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier) I will discuss in this paper the vision and concept that Ando‘s Architecture was built upon. II. The process of Ando's architecture Tadao ando is a self-taught architect. He was born and grow n in Osaka…

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  • Art Deco

    you the most and why? List designers and examples of works to justify your response. The style that speaks the most to me is Modernism. I like the modern architecture because it is a reflection of the great technical innovations that began to appear in the nineteenth century. Materials such as steel and concrete give architects unreleased possibilities of creation, which makes the style completely unlike anything have seen. What best characterizes and makes me like modern architecture is the…

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  • Relationships Between Architecture And Sculpture

    Architecture and Sculpture One of the most obvious relationships between architecture and sculpture is that they are based directly on the cultures beliefs and needs. As cultures evolved, so did the architecture and sculptures. At the beginning of the module when we discussed the prehistoric cultures, architecture was used to meet the basic human need for shelter and security. The art in the prehistoric period was also related to the need to survive and can be seen in cave paintings that…

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  • Importance Of Vernacular Architecture

    approach to the making of buildings based on the belief that buildings should respond to and reflect specific local conditions – this can be seen as developing and understanding of a regions ‘deep structure’. However, Vernacular Design Attitudes Critical Regional Design Attitude Contemporary Vernacular Design Attitudes Illustrates a belief in a system of inherited, established or customary patterns of though, forms and styles. Architects and designers consciously study and interpret historical…

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  • Pantheon And The Parthenon Analysis

    characteristics and features are planned, designed, and constructed. Additionally, as I worked on this assignment I gained an understanding of role other elements of architectural style include play, such as the building materials, forming elements, methodology of construction, and of course the location in which a building is erected for political, social, economic, and/or militarily strategic reasons, among others. CONSIDER HOW THE STYLE AND FUNCTION OF EACH BUILDING SERVES AS A TYPICAL…

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  • Theory Of The Fold Analysis

    To look at the fundamental ideas of the theory of folding and to help understand the theory in context, explore it amongst the features of post modern architecture. look at works by architects such as Peter Eisenmann and see how he has interpreted the theory of folding as an alternative interpretation of conceptual design. in which one building has a continuous form (folding), and one has a fragmented form (deconstructivism) - two buildings in relation to deleuzes theory through discussion and…

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  • Sage Chapel Architecture Description

    Overview: Sage Chapel is non-denominational chapel centrally located on the Cornell University Campus designed by Charles Babcock. Its physical address is 147 Ho Plaza, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Neighboring buildings include Olin Library, Uris Library, Day Hall, and the Cornell Store. 1. Condition: Sage Chapel is in great condition. There are some minor faults in the exterior of the building, however. In the courtyard of the North façade, the stone foundation is being stained green…

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  • Gothic Church Persuasive Essay

    In France alone, eight were built. The cathedral of Amiens replaced an old church that was destroyed by a fire. Many of the characteristics like pointed arches, broken rib vaults, and flying buttresses were incorporated in Notre-Dame de Amiens, reaching the stage called High gothic. Some of the principal changes in Amiens was the size of choir having as many bay units as the nave. The interior of Note-Dame de Amiens consisted of side aisles covered with rib vaults. The piers opened up by the…

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  • Personal Essay: My Eternal Love For Architecture And Architecture

    My first tryst with architecture was back in 2000; I was about 10 years old and my parents had started the construction of our new house. We took weekly trips to the construction site and I remember being so fascinated with how a few walls and ceilings, an entity so basic, could create spaces so vastly varying and yet so personal. This had now opened up a whole new spectrum of the built form for me, I was suddenly more conscious of its presence, something I hadn’t even noticed until that time.…

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