Batting Clean Up And Sriking Out Analysis

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Sports and Dirt In his essay “Batting Clean-Up and Striking Out”, Dave Berry, Focuses on the differences between men and women. He makes assertions about the differences when it comes to dirt and sports. He focuses on this because he believes these are the primary differences. From Personal Experience I would agree hat dirt and sports are examples of differences between the sexes, but Berry misses the point, These are not the major differences between men and women. Dave Berry starts by writing, “The primary difference between men and women is that women can see extremely small quantities of dirt”(220). He says this beacsue his wife complains about dirt, but Dave doesn’t seem to mind it. Dave is unbothered by such a tiny amount of dirt unlike …show more content…
He compares how each sex feels about sports, "this is an area where Amanda feels very sensitive and women feel very callous"(221). Dave expresses the ceilings because he was forced to miss part of a World Series game to engage in conversation with his friends. He feels that woman a callous towards sports because obviously they did not care for the game. These differences Dave describe or what he goes through personally. They focuses on the fact that they could have met up on any other day but they chose a game day. More importantly Dave and his friends behavior shows just how sensitive they could be. In his essay he writes, "we could actually feel the World Series television and radio broadcast rays zinging in the air going through our bodies"(222). David 's exaggerating the feeling it just goes to show that his group of friends is being impatient. and his essay the mental too many find a way to leave the conversation with the women and watch the game. From personal experience I can say that this is true. On Sundays I gather friends and come together easily at my house. When my house is filled with my friends and we get our football going then all the females usually leave. It 's funny because when my friends are over my mom, sister, and niece always have plans. They always find a way to escape the house because they just don 't like sports as much as

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