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  • Chris In Into The Wild

    In Krakauer’s widely known novel, Into The Wild, Krakauer explains a story about how a man named Chris went to Alaska and died of starvation. Chris was born into a rich family and graduated from a prodigious university. However, he was not complacent with his life and wanted to avoid family trauma. He then ran away from his problems and decided to leave for Alaska. Since he was an ascetic and fervently believed that he belonged in the wild, he immediately left his home and abandoned his…

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  • Christopher Columbus World Flat Essay

    Have you ever thought that the world was flat? Or ever wondered how we can get from place to place when the world is round? Probably not, although Christopher Columbus had these questions. Christopher Columbus thought the world was flat and he thought it was impossible to move to different areas in the world while being round so he just inferred that the world was flat. Even though, Columbus was confused he was a very historical revolutionary figure. Coincidentally, Columbus was trying to find a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Amerigo Vespucci And Henry Hudson

    Amerigo Vespucci, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson are only a few examples of European white men who helped to shape the US as we know it today. These men not only helped found America, but they brought their country’s cultures along with them. Vespucci traveled from Spain, along with supplies to find new trade routes which would hopefully make waterways around North America. Cartier, on the other hand, was from France, he explored mostly to look for gold, silver, copper and spices. He wasn’t,…

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  • Aron Ralston: A Trip To Blue John Canyon

    Would you be able to cut your own arm off with a dull knife to survive? Aron Ralston, an accomplished mountaineer, discovered that he had what it took to complete this gruesome task. Ralston decided to take a simple day trip to Blue John Canyon, Utah for some canyoneering in 2003. Unfortunately, the trip took a turn for the worst after an 800 pound boulder fell onto his right forearm, crushing and trapping him in the confined space. This trip was supposed to be a leisurely break from his usual…

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  • Why Is Christopher Columbus Cruel

    The Spaniards were beyond cruel, they were barbarous. Columbus and his men committed countless inhumane acts to torture and destroy the Native Americans. One aggression committed by Columbus was he would cut off the natives’ arms, noses or ears when “even a minor offense” (Loewen 17) was committed. He would demand the “natives to find a certain amount of gold within a certain period of time” (Zinn 12-13). “If they did not meet their quota, their arms were hacked off” (Zinn 13). The victim would…

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  • Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer: Chapter Analysis

    In chapters 8 and 9 of Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer quotes many of the negative letters, many of whom were Alaskans, he received after the original article about McCandless ran in Outside magazine. “‘I personally see nothing positive at all about Christ McCandless’s lifestyle or wilderness doctrine,’ […]” (Krakauer 71). Alaskans thought he didn’t respect the Alaskan wilderness, while others could not believe someone could act so impulsive. Some even believed, “‘Krakauer is a kook if he doesn’t…

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  • Into The Wild Chris Mccandless Conflicts

    The conflict that Christopher (Chris) McCandless, the main character struggled with several conflicts both internally and externally. His internal conflict was what stood out to me the most in which, Chris attempts to prove his manhood and that he can live off the land. In addition, there is a conflict between himself and nature in which, McCandless goes into the wilderness with little knowledge of what’s around and with a scarce amount of resources. Chris also faces a man versus society…

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  • Chris Symbolism In Into The Wild

    Jon Krakauer’s, Into the Wild, reveals a true pitiful story behind a man named Christopher McCandless, who suffered and struggled lonesome for over one hundred days in Alaska. Because Chris had appreciated wilderness so much, he abandoned his well-to-do family and traveled alone. Chris’ will to leave home affected the people around him only because of his odd dream he desired to fulfill. Untroubled, Chris created his dream within a year by relocating himself to Fairbanks, Alaska. Due to his…

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  • Chris Mccandless Struggles

    Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is a biography about Chris McCandless and the conflicts he faces on his way to Alaska. McCandless was against the way society lived and decided to leave his life and his family to live off the land. His goal was to get to live in the Alaskan wild, but on his way there he faced many conflicts and struggles. Throughout his journey to Alaska, young Chris McCandless faces many conflicts with his family, society, and nature. Chris McCandless’ family always wanted him to…

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  • Difference Between Columbus And Lindbergh

    “Columbus and Lindbergh: A Journey Across the Atlantic” Going on a journey is fun, even if you are doing it alone. But, going on a journey and changing history is even better. That is what Christopher Columbus and Charles Lindbergh did as they both travel across the Atlantic ocean. They both changed history for the better. People look up to them, because most people would love to travel and find a new, interesting country. In this essay I will be talking about their journey and how they…

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