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  • Christopher Newport University Scholarship Analysis

    Growing up, I always envisioned college to be a terrifying experience; I would be away from home for what I thought would be forever, surrounded by unfriendly strangers, and struggling to keep up with my professors as they discuss subjects meant for only experts in a field. Now that I have one semester of college under my belt, I wish I could tell my past self to stop expecting the worst. Christopher Newport University has become a home away from home for me, and only the opposite of my expectations has come true. Coming into CNU, I knew I needed to have at least a 3.7 GPA to maintain a scholarship, and I was so scared that I would not be able to do so. Words from my core advisor alleviated my fears, and I found myself maintaining an A average…

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  • Early Jamestown Settlers

    fort. They built this forty for two reasons, one, to protect themselves against the Indians, and two, to protect themselves against Spanish invaders. A week after they built this fort, Captain Newport, the leader of the expedition, sailed back to England and hardships started to take effect. A disease swept through the colony as about half of the 104 men and boys died. Settlers were so weak from this disease that they could not even stand. This sickness most likely came from the polluted river…

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  • The New World Movie Analysis

    The New World 2005 The New World directed by Terrence Malick is a great film about the story of the first founding of Jamestown. The main characters are: Pocahontas (Q 'orianka Kilcher), Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell) and John Rolfe (Christian Bale). Three English ships arrive in what is now Virginia in 1607. The Englishmen quickly mark there land and start building structures. John Smith was brought there in chains and was supposed to be killed, thankfully Captain Christopher Newport…

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  • The Importance Of Leadership

    and dedication to change the world. While looking through UofG’s website and Youtube videos, I was so excited to see that people from all over the world attend UofG in order to pursue academics and experiences that will better enable them to make a difference. I feel so excited to meet people from all over the world who also share a passion to create positive change. I feel as if this experience will be empowering for me as I continue growing as an individual and a leader. I also believe that my…

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  • A Biography Of Anne Hutchinson As A Religious Leader

    Anne Hutchinson was a religious leader who was born in England in 1951. She was killed in 1643 in an Indian raid killing in the state of New York which wss in the colony of Mid-Atlantic. Anne Hutchinson fought for women’s rights and she gave many girls and women hope that they might have rights again as shown by this quote, “ From the early Christian era, female activism in religious life gave some women high visibility, thus preserving their voices in the historical record. The splintering of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Human Sharing At Christopher Newport University

    passion of mine. At first I just did a lot of research, I scarred my fourteen year-old self with more traumatizing videos about human trafficking, gritted my teeth as I read horrific stories, and swelled with determination as I wrote down statistics. Next came the unfruitful self-righteous phase where I judged everyone around me for not caring about ending slavery as much as I did. Then there finally came a fruitful period where I was able to effectively begin spreading the word and educating…

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  • Walmart Culture Analysis

    Wal-Mart Culture Wal-Mart attempts to have a people and group based organizational culture. They want employees to enjoy working at Wal-Mart and working together. It is important for Wal-Mart so that employees feel as though they make a difference and care about the business. It is also important to make Wal-Mart an enjoyable workplace to make up for the low wages and lack of benefits. It also important to garner positive attitudes from employees as it helps prevent…

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  • Walmart's Business Ethics Case Study

    History/Background Walmart began as the vision of Samuel Moore Walton during the 1950’s in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walton founded his company on the concept of the five-and-dime store blended with customer service, large stores located in small towns, valued products, low prices, and employee profit-sharing to create the largest retail empire in the world in terms of earnings and employees. By marketing to consumers who fit his business profile, Walton was successful in creating a niche…

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  • Compare And Contrast British And Spanish Settlement

    While the Europeans came to and explored the Americas purposely, the Spanish’s conquest to the Americas was far from intentional. In 1492, Queen Isabella decided she would “take a chance” (Conlin, 12) on Christopher Columbus’s proposal to attempt to the reach the Indies by sailing West. Initially, the Spanish did not view the discovery of the Americas in a positive way; however, as time passed the Spanish began to “see the Americas as a possible source of income and wealth as opposed to an…

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  • Christopher Columbus And The Columbian Exchange

    The Columbian Exchange, which was initiated by Christopher Columbus in 1492 on his quest to reach the West Indies, was not only a historic meeting between the eastern and western civilizations from across the Atlantic, but also an opportunity for the sharing of two vastly different cultures. The initial encounter between Columbus and the natives of the New World provided a defining moment for humanity as diseases, crops, and religions that had not previously been known to either side now became…

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