The New World Movie Analysis

The New World 2005
The New World directed by Terrence Malick is a great film about the story of the first founding of Jamestown. The main characters are: Pocahontas (Q 'orianka Kilcher), Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell) and John Rolfe (Christian Bale). Three English ships arrive in what is now Virginia in 1607. The Englishmen quickly mark there land and start building structures. John Smith was brought there in chains and was supposed to be killed, thankfully Captain Christopher Newport pardoned his death and he was saved. The Algonquin Indians were timid and shy to the Englishmen at first. They looked at them and studied what they did. Then one day John Smith decides to take a small group of people up the river to scout out supplies for
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The main concept of the movie was how the Englishmen wanted to fine new land and a route to the other sea. This resulted in other elements, for example having an Algonquin be married to and Englishmen. One important scenes that contributes to this is the first time Pocahontas and John Smith see each other. Smith is walking around scouting the land and their eyes meet and then she quickly turns away and runs off. This is important because a few scenes after that Smith is about to get killed by the Algonquin’s and she saves him. If they wouldn’t have had that encounter then there is a big possibility that she wouldn’t have saved him. And if Smith wouldn’t have lived there is a big possibility that Jamestown wouldn’t have either. The next important scene that plays into the theme is the scene when Pocahontas bring them food. This was a big important part of them surviving the winter. By the end of the winter only 38 men had survived. If she wouldn’t have brought the food then more most likely would have died. Then Jamestown maybe would have fallen apart and we wouldn’t have made our first settlement. Both of these scenes relate back to the Englishmen wanting to make a new world for themselves. It all started at Jamestown and these were a key factor in making Jamestown stay …show more content…
I think most people will take away how Jamestown was settled and some history about Pocahontas. I don’t think many people know that Pocahontas got married to John Smith and John Rolfe and also went to England. The scene when she gets on the boat to go to England she is distant from Rolfe. She doesn’t acknowledge him very much. Then when they land in England there is people everywhere. Everything is trimmed nicely and everyone is dressed somewhat the same. They can take away many important facts from Jamestown, such as when they arrived there in 1607 on three boats. This was one of the first scenes in the movie. The English men get off the 3 boats and the Indians help them. This shows that the Indians wanted to help them at first. They grabbed their hands, helped them through the water, and tie their boats down. They will also see how big of a part John Smith played in helping settle James town. Overall, John Smith, John Rolfe and Pocahontas all played a very big role in helping shape Jamestown, and I got exactly that point by watching this

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