Jamestown Journey

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Imagine yourself stuck in a cramped, dark room for four months straight. Now imagine leaving your home where you grew up your whole life and not knowing if you would ever return. This is what every settler endured when they embarked on this treacherous journey. The people that sailed on this journey were only the beginning of what was to become one of the most powerful countries on earth. Jamestown, Virginia became the first successful British colony in the new world because of the determination of the settlers, the leadership the colony had, and the help of the Native Americans.
This epic journey started with a charter granted by King James I. A group of about 100 people set sail from England in December of 1606. A fleet of three ships took
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He boarded one of the three ships that set sail for America in December of 1606. While sailing the long four month journey, he was charged with mutiny by Captain Christopher Newport, the leader of the expedition, and imprisoned on the ship. When they finally arrived in the new land, Smith was released when they discovered orders from the Virginia Company saying Smith was supposed to be a member of the council. When Smith was released, he was forced to grow accustom to the foreign land. The colony struggled at first, but Smith proved useful when he was able to acquire food from the surrounding Indians. In 1607 he was captured by Powhatan Indians and faced execution by Chief Powhatan, the supreme ruler of that region. “At last they had brought him to Werowocomoco, where was Powhatan, their emperor” (Smith, 48). When Smith first caught sight of Chief Powhatan he described him, “he sat covered with a great robe made of raccoon skins and all tails hanging by. On either hand did sit a young wench of sixteen or eighteen years” (Smith, 48). Unexpectedly, Smith was saved by Chief Powhatan’s daughter, the famous Pocahontas. “Laid his head and being ready with their clubs to beat out his brains, Pocahontas, the king 's dearest daughter, got his head in her arms and laid her own upon his to save him from death” (Smith, 48). After this Smith and the …show more content…
There were multiple tribes around the Chesapeake Bay Area, but the main tribe the settlers dealt with was the Powhatan Indians. The Powhatan Indians inhabited America long before the settlers arrived. They built over 200 villages in the surrounding region, this came to be known as Tsenacommacah (biography.com). The Indians had prior exposure to explorers, the Spanish, around 1570. The Powhatan lived a simple farm life and grew many crops including, squash, beans, gourds, and the most important crop, corn. They usually farmed in the summer and spring months and hunted in the winter time. It was primarily the men 's job to hunt. The tribe used traditional bow and arrow hunting methods to kill large animals such as deer, and used traps to catch smaller animals like beavers. The Indians never wasted any part of an animal they had killed so, these creatures provided in many different ways than just a source of food. They often made clothes, beds, and blankets from the hide and tools from the bone. In addition to hunting the men also fished. They used canoes made from hollowed out trees and fished in the rivers around their villages. These farming and hunting practices will prove useful to the early settlers later on. The main source of transportation for the Indians was by canoe. They used the waterways like current day roads. They could travel easily from village to village

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