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  • Facts About Cuba

    Because the island is shaped like a crocodile, it is sometimes referred to as El Cocodrilo. It is located west of Hispaniola. Cuba, capital is known to be the largest city, which is Havana. Cuba was first discovered by the famous Christopher Columbus in 1492. Once Christopher Columbus arrived, he claimed Cuba as a Spanish territory. When he discovered Cuba, he notices that he was not the only person there. When he arrived, there were a group of Native Americans already settling there. In 1511,…

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  • Classroom Management Research Paper

    427/527 – Classroom Management and Effective Discipline Final Project I. Philosophy of Classroom Management/Environment My philosophy of discipline is based on PBIS. I use PBIS positive behavior combined with Flip-It and natural consequences. I have a routine for my class to follow. I praise those that I see following the routine frequently with fist bumps, high fives and “Wow” I like the way so and so are staying in line. This technique makes others want the praise and they will stay in…

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  • Ambition Of Native Americans In Latin Colonial America By Kevin Terraciano

    When the European population sought expansion, they took a voyage to the East Indies in hope of establishing a trade route. Although, Christopher Columbus made wrong calculations, he and his men landed in a New World that would bring them great fortunes. Unfortunately, for the Natives living in the America’s the Europeans arrival would be the beginning of a terrible nightmare. In Latin Colonial America by Kevin Terraciano, there are letters and documents that give the various perspectives of…

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  • Origin Of Batman's Story

    Before the invention of film, storytelling was a popular way of stimulating one’s imagination. Further down the line, after the printing press was invented, an individual would be able to receive the same amount of simulation through novels. The concept of being able to understand a story with a solid narrative became the guideline for great movie making. When someone listens to a story and or reads a novel the plot is usually fixated by that individual’s imagination. That is why, in my opinion,…

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  • King Henry IV Character Analysis

    King Henry IV, a play written by Shakespeare in the early fifteenth century in England. William Shakespeare was a famous for his literature. He excelled in plays and wrote about different genres. William Shakespeare is an author, English playwright and actor. Shakespeare did like to write about history in his playsForthe entertainment. Shakespeare was not attempting to provide a historically accurate picture of the past, but he was writing for the entertainment of his theater audience.…

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  • Similarities Between Romeo And Juliet

    Romeo + Juliet is a movie about two star-crossed lovers who journey with a relationship between the toils of two families feud, adapted from Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet and produced into a film by Baz Luhrmann. The movie details the lives of Romeo and Juliet, who are in love, though caught in the confusion of their families feud. The lovers conceal their relationship, but that doesn’t keep either families from concealing their ‘swords’. Several die in the conquest of…

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  • The Last Children In The Woods Analysis

    In the passage, “The Last children in the Woods,” Richard Louv describes how times have changed since he was an adolescent boy. Louv argues that modern technology has caused the youth population to become disengaged with the world and instead engaged with their screens. Louv employs first person, vivid diction, emotional appeal and anecdote to convince the reader to stop the madness that technology has done to the world and instead look towards nature and a more simplistic life. Louv…

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  • Treadwell Vs Mccandless

    Imagine walking into the wild while abandoning everything ever known in life such as family, friends, place of residence, and even daily hobbies and pastimes in an attempt to dissociate from society just to experience freedom, or prove a cause that many find unnecessary and life threatening. Although it may seem like an adrenaline rush for some, there is a very slim chance for survival given the surroundings and circumstances. The author of Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer, reveals Chris McCandless…

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  • Leatherstocking Tales Film Analysis

    Leatherstocking Tales Set in colonial New York in the 1750’s, The Leatherstocking Tales tells the epic tale of Hawkeye, a European young man raised by Native-Americans and his odyssey in the forest where he encountered many Natives and became engaged in a battle of the French and Indian War. The novel series by James Fenimore Cooper signifies the difficulty of being the bridge between two worlds. Hawkeye lived in the forest amongst the people the settlers called savages, but considered himself…

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  • Unit 1 Vocab: Exchange And Interactions

    Unit 1 Vocab Exchange & Interactions (WXT,ENV) Corn - One of the many crops from the Americas that was brought over to Europe through the Columbian Exchange as a result of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World. Horses - A form of transportation and livestock from Europe that brought itself to the Americas via the Columbian Exchange. Horses heavily aided in the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs and Incas. However, the Aztecs and Incas would later utilize horses for transportation and…

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