Symbols Of Ignorance In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” contains many symbols that we can apply to our own societies and those around us. Ignorance is a major theme of Plato’s story and is represented in many different ways, through the use of many different symbols. Ignorance is a great aspect of today’s societies, playing a major role in the ways that we perceive the world around us and how we learn, create, and better and advance our world. In Plato’s story ignorance is mainly represented by the chains bind the prisoners in the cave. The principle of being bound by ignorance is shown throughout history in many different cultures and societies. The most prevalent and recognizable area that this principle is recognized in our present day societies is education. Education …show more content…
He was forced to live in the darkness, being able to only see a small glimpse of sunlight from inside the cave that he inhabited. His body was bound by chains in a way that he could only see one direction, the chains and bindings around his head and body not allowing him to move. The chains permitted him to only to see one reality that he believed was the whole truth and the only way of living. The story then continues to explain that there is a fire overhead and behind the prisoner, and between the fire and prisoner, a road that travelers cross. The fire displays great shows of shadows on the wall in front of the prisoner of the travelers crossing the road. These shadows are the only thing that entertain the prisoner, these shadows are the only interaction that he has with the outside world, these shadows are the only things that the prisoner …show more content…
His fellow prisoners would make fun of him and believe him to be a fool because he can longer compete in their games of shadow distinction and prediction. It is then stated that if the one of the other prisoners were forced to ascend out of the cave that he would most certainly kill the man that was trying to take him out of the cave because they would not want to leave their world. Plato begins to conclude by showing the similarities of the cave to the darkness of the world and the sun to the light in the world.
The chains that bind the prisoner are a prevalent aspect in today’s society. This aspect is ignorance; ignorance runs rampant in every part of the world today. Every place in the world today suffers from some sort of ignorance, whether it be in government systems, cultures, or one of the areas most dominated by ignorance, education and our upbringing. The way we are raised plays a major role in how we view the world. The views that our parents teach us and of those that influence us help form our perspectives of the world and how we think it should be. What furthers these views and perspectives is our

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