The Nation Of Lying In Stephanie Ericicsson's The Ways We Lie

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Nation of Lies Why do we lie to others, but expect others to be honest with us? Today in society, lies have embodied the lives of many to the point where it has become a natural part of our lifestyle. Lying has become a natural habit for us, it has become a factor in how we carry out our lives. Whether we may have lied in consideration of how others may feel, or if it was because we did not want to carry out something we were assigned, lying has become so natural to us that we cannot distinguish it from what the truth really is. Lying has become a cultural cancer, as Stephanie Ericsson states in her essay, “The Ways We Lie”, that we have come to the point where we accepted it into our society. It has become an “incurable” disease that is …show more content…
Why? Why do we lie to people but become indignant when others lie to us. It is very ironic, especially when we criticize the people we look up to but never see the same fault within ourselves. It is very ironic, especially when we criticize the government for the things that they lie to us about but never take criticism of ourselves for what we hid. In 2013, the people of this nation found out that millions of them were on surveillance for the government to spy on. Of course, when they found out, they became enraged at the fact that the government lied to them about the “privacy” they all had. They became enraged at the fact that their own government hid such an inspection from it’s own people. However, who are we to judge the government when we are not any different from them. Sure, they are the government that we are suppose to look upon. Sure, they are the government that presides over our nation. But, who are we? We are also just as important as the government. We also also just as vital because we make up the nation; we make up the government for what it stands for. We are just as vital to the nation as the government is. If we lie on a day to day basis, then why are we surprised when our own government lies to us. Our lies, in a way, make up this nation. Our society, the people of this nation, have lied so much that our reality is reordered. We can hardly distinguish our lies from the truth. That is why, when we find out the truth, we are so shocked by

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