Into The Wild: Chris Mccandless

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Into The Wild :
Ang Tatlong Buwis Buhay na Manlalakbay
A year ago my family and I went to Big Bear amid winter. We did snowboarding and did a pit fire around evening time and simply have a ton of fun. My experiences were fun but not risky and stunning voyages like three remarkable men who really live in nature. Chris McCandless yet change his name to Alexander Supertramp,a talented man who left his ordinary life to accomplish his fantasy of living in Alaska. Timothy Treadwell was a moderately aged man who had gone through 13 summers living with grizzlies ' bears. Aron Ralston a man who left his parents and quit his job to go in Aspen, Colorado in order to pursue a life of climbing mountains. McCandless, Treadwell, and Ralston are three extraordinary
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For Chris McCandless he thought society was a corrupt and evil institution. This was stated in an article What were Chris McCandless views on society and his family? "He thought that society was a corrupt and evil institution. He tried as hard as he could to distance himself from the limits that he thought society placed on people 's lives. He agreed with people such as Hen, David Thoreau, who believed that wc needed to simplify our lives and only then can we live with t. most happiness and meaning." (Enotes). Before even thinking of leaving e was loaded (rich), had college degree, and parent who wanted to spoil him denied all that. He donated 25,000 dollars to OXFAM which was ironic for a something that happen to him and he burned his wallet which had all his information. McCandless view was way different to Treadwell 's view. His view was nothing his only view was to love and protect the bears As stated once again in the documentary Grizzly Man he says "I 'm in love with my animal friends. I 'm in love with my animal friends! In love with my animal friends I 'm very, very troubled. It 's ve, emotional. It 's probably not cool even looking like these. I 'm so in love with them, and they 're so fed over, which so sucks." (Treadwell). He thought human were too stupid to liver around and that bears are better this is much related to Dian Fossey. Aron Ralston did really hated society he just focuses on climbing. In his book he states “I feel like I 'm climbing as well if not better, than ever." (Ralston) His only view was to climb; he just saw society as a normal

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